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  • Opticians. All the same?
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    I’m a sucker for all the lens upgrades and once bought a really nice set of frames along with fancy ‘Upgraded’ lenses and my expensive prescription. On the day I collected the glasses I went to Manchester by train. Read a book on the way there, took glasses off and left them on the **** train! That was a very expensive pair of specs 😕

    I tend to keep frames for a while now and just get new lenses. Bought my first new pair of specs in eight years a few months ago. A nice pair of Ti Oakley jobs. Figured I can’t afford a Ti bike, so saved for the specs instead. They should last ages. Wear them all day so figured why not.


    The optician seemed somewhat surprised that I’m over 40 and can still read things.

    I got to 50 😉

    I had my eyes tested last month and bought my first pair of specs a couple of weeks ago. I have one eye which is good for close up reading and one eye which is good for long distance, probably why I got away with it for so long. Vision Express did my eye test but they didn’t have much of a range in different sorts of frames so I bought the glasses from SpecSavers. Having not worn them before, I don’t really even wear sunglasses, I just asked one of ladies to help me find a pair that suited. Very pleased with mine.

Viewing 2 posts - 41 through 42 (of 42 total)

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