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  • Online conveyancing firms…. Any suggestions?
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    Soo…me and the new (to me) missus are looking to flog her pad, and buy a place together for us and the 4 kids (kerazy, I know..!)…

    It’s a pricey pad we’re buying, so looking to minimise the solicitors fees… having a look online, I can’t really see any benefit of having a ‘local’ there?

    The online firms appear to be much thousand cheaper (as they are usually fixed fees, rather than a %age…)

    Anyone here used an online firm recently? One you can recommend?



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    A solicitor I know says they’re nearly anyways crap – only have a few qualified and knowledgeable solicitors overseeing many untrained minions. You might get lucky if it’s a straight forward conveyance, but generally to be avoided. They get lots of clients coming back wanting them to sort out issues after they’ve flummoxed the cheap online firm…

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    For the love of god , stay away from Premier Property Services, unless you specifically like being lied to on several occasions. Oh and if you are female, being talked over whilst you are trying to make a point ( tried this with Mrs Revs and she gave him both barrels 😉 )

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    So hard as if you read the reviews then you’d probably reconsider but we just used DC Law and were actually pleasantly surprised as through both our sale and purchase (split as we went in to rental until we found a place to buy) we had great conveyancers… knowledgeable, didn’t skip corners pushing for answers on queries we wouldn’t have even thought to ask and sorted a rights of way issue that the last 2 purchases hadn’t sorted. Plus the online portal was great for uploading docs and seeing actions.

    Don’t know if we got lucky or whether it was because our conveyancers were on the cubitt & west account having used them for our sale so they put the better conveyancers on the corporate accounts

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    This guy in Lancaster just did ours, pretty good. And a long way away from the horror stories you hear, and the experience of our vendor, who’s solicitor was a charlatan.

    William Harris

    Address: 63a Scotforth Rd, Lancaster LA1 4SD
    Phone: 01524 843336

    I’d use him again for sure


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    Avoid Oliver and Co, we used them for a purchase years ago and they were fine, used them last year and they were appallingly, appallingly bad. Like pretty much brought me to tears with the stress of it bad.

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    We are about to use Evolve Law in Milton Keynes. They’re not far away from us but we have no need to actually go see them. Come highly recommended by our EA and have excellent trustpilot reviews.

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