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  • Oakley Half Jackets ?
  • Are Oakley Half Jacket a good mountain bike glasses option ? Thinking of getting some but wonder whether they are tough enough or will suffer from steaming up ???????


    I like mine a lot and use them for MTB, darkside and running but they really need something on the lenses to stop them steaming up – close fitting so they do it a lot. I do put out a lot of heat mind…


    Lovely, but expensive to get covered in mud..

    I got some cheapo Bolle to ride in and keep the Oakleys for apres bike…

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    I found that even with the XLJ lenses, they lacked coverage and didn’t stop mud from getting in my eyes. Also slipped a lot and didn’t fit very well with my Giro Xen.
    Now much happier with Radars.

    Cheers chaps for the info. Radars look good but are tres expensive. Oakleys racing jackets also look good, anybody with any experience of these ?

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    For me, coverage is fine, fit is ok, they have steamed up a bit, but I’ve put the alternative nose pieces in which helps a bit. Puts them higher up on my face, leaving a bigger gap underneath.

    I was told by the shop that there was no transition lens available for the Radar, so I didn’t get them, but according to the website there is a ‘photochromic’ lens – possibly under a different name to the usual transitions stuff. I think I’d have been better off with Radar.

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    Oakley Half Jackets here, they’re very good. I’ve had mud flicked under the lower edge once or twice but generally coverage seems OK. I only found them steaming up when I stopped or when it’s really misty/humid, it’s never normally a problem. You can buy anti-misting spray from most opticians anyway.


    Half Jackets here and they have been excellent. You can get them with transition lenses for a good all round lens or you can swap lens according to conditions otherwise. I just ride with a clear lens in winter and they have offered good mud protection.


    Half Jacket XLJs. Very occasional misting up when stopped – goes away when moving again. No problems with mud splattering either. Transition lens is great although be warned that it never goes completely clear. Mine are prescription lenses. Expensive, but the best “upgrade” I’ve ever made to my cycling.

    HJ XLJs here and they have been great


    HJ XLJs for all my riding here.

    Yellow, persimmon and iridium lenses cover the options.

    I have a pair of half jackets with the XLJ lenses. No issues.

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    They sit too close to my face to be any use on the bike.


    Another HJ XLJ user. I have the grey/persimmon transition lenses which are great in all conditions.

    Occasionally steam-up when I stop, but clear in seconds

    Half Jackets with standard lenses here. Never had muck sneaking under, tho’ steaming when stopped or grunting uphill an occasional problem. Shop around and you might find a good ‘array’ deal – frame, 2 sets of lenses and a case to hold everything.

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    another XLJ wearer here, had mine for about 4 years now, they do steam up sometimes, but they’re fine when you’re moving.

    I fond them really comfy, and have only had mud thrown up inside them once or twice.

    Yeah love mine too (xlj’s)- had em four or five years, great for biking- to be honest i only use the clear lenses on the mtb, black iridium on the snowboard!

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