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  • stuartie_c

    I’m looking for a coffee table with storage and this fits the bill in terms of style and size:


    Anyone used them? Delivery? Quality? Any experience pos or neg?

    Premier Icon easygirl

    My mum got a few items from them
    Delivery was as promised
    Quality seems great, dovetailed drawers, solid bottoms, she has had items 12 months now , no splits or lloose joints


    Had a TV cabinet from them for about 3 years. Really well made and good delivery times. Would shop there again.

    Premier Icon piedi di formaggio

    Got a couple of bits from them and so far so good. Nice finish to pieces (except hidden bits, where its more ‘functional’ than aesthetic)and very happy with them.

    As soon as mine arrived, applied some Black Bison wax with wire wool and buffed with a furniture brush.


    OK – sounds good so far.

    What about mango wood in terms of quality, weight, sturdiness, longevity, looks?


    Had less success. Ordered a side table and it arrived as promised but was damaged. We then had to wait for it to be collected before a new one was sent and then that arrived and was damaged too. Delivery driver would not take it back so had to wait another week and a half for that to be returned. 7 weeks in total messing before I just asked for my money back, which is a shame as without the damage it was really nice


    Had TV cabinet from them, very happy. 6% off via Quidco too.

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    We’ve had a look around the Burnley Store – quality seems ok, everything’s made in China.

    Noticed a few wonky handles and odd joints.
    The sales people were very good – informative without being pushy.
    Said they’d change anything if we weren’t happy with the quality once delivered.

    Currently having a think about it.


    My wardrobe arrived without a handle.

    Phoned em , emailed a picture and a new one arrived next day


    Another happy customer here, drawer handles were wrong style, called and replacements arrived within days. Would shop there again.

    Premier Icon postierich

    Another happy customer here full bedroom furniture one problem with a cracked joint on a very large mirror,they sent a replacement and picked the other one up.I insisted on unwrapping and checking when they delivered, made them a cuppa and they took the cardboard away 🙂


    Have a look on Pine Solutions as well (it’s not just pine). They do quite a wide range of coffee tables.

    Bought a few things from them & they’ve all been well made & solid. The delivery of them was also good & if you have any specific questions about dimensions etc. they are quick to respond.


    We bought a TV stand and a display cabinet a few months back from the shop near Ikea in Edinburgh … no issues at all. I’d shop there again.

    Premier Icon marko75

    We bought a side board from them which I drilled the back out of to make a TV/video cabinet and keep little hands from getting to the PS3….. first class workmanship and the wood thickness was impressive. Would shop with them again!

    Premier Icon breadcrumb

    We’ve got a few things. Some of the draw gaps are a little out of square but only if you really look for it. Overall I’d say nicer than Next furniture and cheaper too.

    I’d definitely spend more money there.


    We got a full set of living room furniture,it’s generally very good,but…… The one leg on the table,the holes were that far out I had to drill new ones myself before I could assemble it. Also the handles on the sideboard, I had to sort a few of those out as well.
    And it doesn’t come waxed,you have to do that yourself,and don’t buy the wax of them,you can get exactly the same stuff on eBay for half the price.
    Having said all that,I’d buy there again,it looks great.

    Stuart – there’s a depot in Livingston if you wanted to go and view it or something similar to judge the quality.

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