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  • Swiftacular

    SFN’s, is there an easy way to knock these out without any special tools?
    Want to run a headlock on my Transition/argyles, and the sfn looks a little bent out of shape anyway, but how do i get it out, without resorting to taking it to the shop?


    As long as your steerer doesnt get very narrow at the base then you can drift it all the way through with a long bar.If you can’t do that, it may be possible to collapse the tangs that hold it, and pull it out from the top. This method may end in tears though.


    get something that is long enough to punch it all the way through and game on man


    Im not sure how much the internal of the steerer tapers, if at all. The maguras i last had the headlock on tapered to about 3/4" at the base, so i had to turn down the bottom plug on the headlock. It looks as if two of the tabs on the sfn have almost collapsed anyway, so dont want to risk jumping on it. (I know stem gives you security also, but i like the idea of the fork solidly bolted on).

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    all the load should be on the stem. the SFN is just there the take the play out of the system until you tighten the stem. you could run without one.

    use a headlock if you want more security.

    edit: my bad, just read the first post properly…i used to run headlock but don’t bother anymore, not even on the DH running big single crowns.

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    Tis best to drill the soft ally threaded portion away and then turn the stars to get them out through the top

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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