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    Anyone been to Northstar bike park at Lake Tahoe? Planning a holiday in Sept with my wife and we'll be passing this sort of area so I'm wondering if it's worth stopping off and doing some riding for the day. It looks amazing from their website, 3 chairlifts and loads of graded runs. I just looked at some vids on you tube and there's plenty of footage of downhill runs with massive jumps etc. I'm not into full on DH though with massive drops and all that – although the idea of chair lift assisted swoopy downhill singletrack sounds very appealing.



    There are miles of natural singletrack at Lake Tahoe too. We spent a week riding there and never saw a soul. All the bike shops in the area should be able to help you out with local routes.

    Didnt go anywhere near the bike park.

    Bit cheesey but gives a flavour

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    Ditto do natural .Rim Trail , Flume Trail and Mr Toads Wild Ride is heaven .


    Yes. Syndicate proto test there…Go to Northstar summer website.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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