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  • Non-boost chainline on previous Trek Slash?
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    I have decided I need a 28t front ring for the Alps in a few weeks, and as luck would have it I have a 28t Superstar non-boost jobbie, currently running a 30t boost one, both oval direct-mount. The cranks are the cheap and creaky Sram carbon GXP ones from a few years back, the frame is a 2017 model with the asymmetric lower shock mount and carbon back end (? 9.8). Trek say boost only and things are for sure quite bulky around the bottom bracket area.

    Anyhow, it all seems to fit! A 30t non-boost oval would probably get a bit close for comfort, but in all gears, throughout the travel range (shock off), at least 4mm clearance I would say (but that is on the workstand). What is more, the cassette is in non-boost position as it is in a non-boos wheel centrally spaced, so chainline-wise it ought to be better. Of course, there is the possibility of gaps of just the wrong size for a chain to get jammed in, but it it difficult to predict that.

    Anyone else done non-boost on a Slash? I may get to test it out at the weekend, and let you know if I died.

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