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  • badllama

    If it was me and I wanted to live there, I’d tow the offical line for 4 weeks then if that did not work.

    Put them in hospital.


    Try the noise complaints team. We called them out during a neighbour’s New Year’s Day party which was still going at 3am. They walked into our flat, listened for 30 seconds, agreed there was a problem and went next door. I don’t think they actually got to speak to anyone there, but we never had that problem again…

    Who would have thought it, You have suddenly grown really fond of Wagner and love all of his classical music. at full volume.

    Seriuosly though , my mate is the head of the noise pollution team in Essex. What you are going through is normal. There are procedures in place but you do need to follow the stages through. You complain, they get letter. You complain again , they get visit. You complain again you get visit to decide if the noise is a nuiscance. They get warning . You complain agian, they get stereo taken away.
    Niose EHO bods can leave recording equipment behind , but you have to log the dates and times and be sensible.
    He gets complaints from people who can hear pull cord light switches and washing machines and toilets being flushed, all normal everyday noise that is unavoidable. To some loons this noise constitutes a problem and they get a call out.


    They get warning . You complain agian, they get stereo taken away.

    It was in the paper the other day about some lad who was in the habit of playing Adele at high volume, ended up having the stereo and 200 CD’s confiscated. Tried to have the confiscation of the CD’s overturned in court, as he’d apparently inherited them from his dad, to no avail.


    Move out, first chance you get! Don’t wind yourself up over this, it just isn’t worth it. Just be thankful you are only renting. I went through all this in an earlier life and I really understand the what you are going through now.


    I’ve had the same trouble. I used to wait until the party/ noise stopped then lay my speakers face down on the floor above their bedroom, blast the music then leave it on while I went to work. If somebody screws with my sleep they’ll regret it 👿

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    Accidentally ignite some thermite above where they sleep?


    Our drug-dealing neighbour moved in on Christmas eve. By March we had realised just how bad the situation was and both of us were on beta-blockers. We tarted up the house and sold it for less than it was worth to a bloke who was a dickhead so I had no qualms about it. On the Friday we were supposed to move there was a delay meaning we had to stay until the Monday but that night the drug dealer threw a mahoosive welcome party for the new owner, with constantly repeating noise (some kind of trance music) all night long on speakers set up on the window sills. We moved into some pretty noisy flats for three weeks until we could get into the new house but to me every noise was fine because I knew it was just regular living noise. It was a blissful relief to get away.

    Luckily we had the financial resources to do it; if we hadn’t I think I’d have topped myself by now or killed somebody.

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    So me having my neighbour complain about hearing my gate latch as I go to work in the morning isn’t in quite the same league then? 😉

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    slight variation but rather than play music at them just do the speakers down and some noisy pron

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