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  • Munqe-chick

    discovering your 20 quid pikey ebay LED torch (including charger and 2 sets of betteries) is brighter than your other half's 200quid-retail light, and showing him the way home. We're both in the less-is-more camp on the lighting front but he wasn't impressed with his cateye tripleshot…

    Agree night riding seems to make for fsster/smoother riding; you loosen up and ride whatever happens to be underneath you rather than target-fixate on the hazard and tense up.

    Good thread for motivating us to get out, did first nide ride in a looong time this week and itching to make the effort to get out again.


    A group of us have been night riding every week now since about now last year. In the middle of the summer I was actually missing the dark nights and slippery trails.

    Cant count the number of trees Ive ridden into or the number of times we have ended up in the bushes laughing.

    Ive also enjoyed kicking golf balls like mountain bike polo players as we rode over the golf course in the dark.

    Quite possibly more fun than riding in the day.

    big yim

    mmmmmm sounds like i'm missing out on something here

Viewing 3 posts - 81 through 83 (of 83 total)

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