Next bike for Jnr after ER Belter 20″ Trail 3?

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  • Next bike for Jnr after ER Belter 20″ Trail 3?
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    Akers Jnr 1 is growing fast! He’s currently on a Early Rider 20″ Trail 3, which we bought him last spring, but at the rate he’s growing I fear he could outgrow it in a matter on months.

    The obvious next choice, in my mind, would be a Early Rider T24, but they aren’t cheap.

    As this is my first journey down the path of junior bikes, the options and pitfalls of wrong choices are many, so the hearing the wealth of knowledge and wisdom of the STW collective would be much appreciated.

    Lets hear your experiences and suggestions….


    Depends where his is in skills and what he rides at the moment really.

    There are of course a lot of rubbish bikes but equally lots of better ones can miss the mark if they end up being the wrong bike.

    Our experience is 24 was the time that defined Jnr’s riding into disciplines as opposed to just riding…. it was all very random… had any of the local go-rides had room when he was 5-6 he might be doing completely different riding… had we not met some now good friends in a car park he would probably not have got into XC racing…. and had Weeksy not encouraged me to take him to the FOD lil’ fodders Enduro he would probably not have got into DH and Enduro…

    He could just as easily been into BMX or ended up taking football or something else more seriously.

    So I guess the first question is really where you see him in 2-3 years and your confidence he’ll take that direction ? Jnr’s 8 now but when he was 5-6 he had 3 different “best friends” in a week… let alone decide on what type of riding he preferred.

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    Thanks for the feedback Steve, much to think about.

    To be honest I was just thinking about a bike that he could knock about on with his younger brother and yet be capable enough to take out round Swinley and Surrey hills with me. I’ve never been much of a social rider, but the idea of joining family social/club rides with Jnr sounds more appealing. Something to look into……Thanks!

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    Saracen Mantra 2.4?

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