New trail lid time… Suggestions please.

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  • New trail lid time… Suggestions please.
  • mboy

    So looking for a new MTB lid for general all round riding (up, down, along etc.). Currently use a Troy Lee A1 most of the time, which I like, but it’s a bit warm in the summer (superb in the winter though). My only real issue with it is I’m kinda between sizes, the M/L was too tight, so I got an XL/XXL and run it with the adjuster wound almost all the way in.

    My previous KASK Rex was the same, had the L and had to wind the adjuster all the way in, a M was too tight.

    I have a very narrow and long head, so not a lot of helmets fit that well. Giro for instance are a no go, just don’t fit me at all.

    Looking for something that’s a bit more vented than the A1, but without going full XC race. The A2 would be an obvious answer, but how does it fit compared to the A1?

    I’ve tried a Smith Forefront 2 on, and loved the fit, but not the look or the price. Staggeringly expensive and a bit challenging looks wise to be honest!

    Any other suggestions? Best fitting helmets I’ve had in the past have been from Uvex and MET fwiw… I’d like something with MIPS but it’s not a deal breaker, and it’s got to have decent enough coverage for the odd Enduro race yet still not be too hot for a big XC ride. Cheers.

    Premier Icon nickdavies

    I’ve got an ixs trail, ticks most of what you’re after – I’d probably be getting the Planet X/on one version for a tenner if I had to replace it…


    Scott Stego (enduro) or Vivo (trail).
    Both in Mips or non-mips.
    Similar to the A1 as a non xc helmet with decent rear head protection but more vents and a wider range of sizing and the 2 helmets fit differently so fit options depending on which works best.

    Premier Icon lunge

    Head to On-one and save yourself some cash. Cracking lids, and cheap too.


    I had an XL/XXL A1 and now wear a M/L A2. Really need to try them on tho!

    Great helmets, I’d recommend one.


    I went from an a1 to an a2. My head is funny shaped so find it difficult. Was coming here to suggest smith forefront as that’s what I’m using now and it’s great!
    Although it’s been shot down! You don’t look at it when you are wearing it though right?!


    TLD ones are a bit mushroomy for me.. i agree about the smith.

    Stif had some good deals on the SP Bushwacker last week? thats a nice lid. Met Roam is good. Giro Montaro, Poc tectal? the endura MT500 looks decent too…

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    I haven’t tried bearbacks suggestion but I’ve two Scott mips lids and highly rate them.  Lights comfortable and well fitting.  Swiss quality.

    plus one

    Fox Dropframe

    Hob Nob

    A2. Or Poc Trabec.


    Go to your lbs and try a few on .it’s one of those items you have to try before you buy and support your lbs .
    I have similar shaped head and giro etc just give me headaches .
    I’ve got a laser impala and it’s like a pr of slippers for your head only safer
    On ones helmet is a hot helmet and visor is obtrusive and is generally cheap for a reason .I don’t scrimp on helmets .I’m also not a mips fan purely for the fit but agree there safer .

    Premier Icon howsyourdad1

    Red one*

    *that fits

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Bell forty four?

    Mine was very reasonably priced for a mips helmet and is nice and comfy.

    I haven’t owned it in any hot weather yet, but it’s better vented than my Urge All-m anyway.


    Kaliprotectives maya lid. Brilliant

    Premier Icon fathomer

    I must have a funny shaped noggin as I find nearly all helmets uncomfortable, I came from an A1 which is really comfy but bloody hot. I’m currently wearing an IXS Trigger which is pretty decent and not to expensive. The A2 fit quite well but most MIPS helmets have far to much wobble for my liking (I know that’s the point).

    I’d like to try a POC Tectal but nowhere seems to have stock, and they’re expensive. MET Roam is another I’d like to try but not sure about the massive peak!

    Premier Icon andybrad

    if you have hair then the mt500 is ok.

    otherwise you look like a klingon when you take it off (much to the amusement of my mates)

    Premier Icon thisisnotaspoon

    I’ve got a massive head, the only stuff that fit’s is the giro/bell/661 -63 sizes (the -61 helmets don’t).

    Tried the On-One helmets, some fit (the aero carnac ones) but the On one lids didn’t. So if you’ve a big head bear that in mind.

    Premier Icon BillOddie

    Giro Chronicle is great.


    I *think* I have a long thin head (previous lid was an IXS Trail RS which fited like a glove), non MIPS A1 was really comfy but too hot. MIPS one didn’t feel right, A2 didn’t feel right either. I’ve tried on loads of others recently for a replacement and it came down to 2: Leatt DBX3.0 and POC Tectal SPiN.
    Went with the POC in the end just as I preferred the aesthetics, but I think I’d have been just as happy with the Leatt. Both seemed to sit my head shape. Leatt also felt a tiny bit bulkier.
    (59cm head, actually sized down from my normal L/XL for the POC)
    Only worn it a few times but forgot it was there, which is the best I could hope for!
    Now got to do the same for a road lid (Kask Mojito seems a similar shape…)


    Bell forty four got Mine at very good price with mips the helmet is nice and comfy


    Smiths venture or smiths Session
    Both really comfy lids
    I bought a non mips one for £37 off Amazon

    Premier Icon jler1985

    Poc tectal is the best fitting and comfiest helmet i’ve Owned. I’ve had a bell super and fox flux which were pretty good until I tried the poc.

    The On One lids are good but quite round. Long and thin they ain’t.

    Premier Icon Lummox

    Had a giro montaro, now have a bell 4forty mips.

    The bell is superior in all ways except perhaps the visor isn’t as adjustable. Also doesn’t come with a GoPro widget (which I never used anyway)

    got mine in every reasonably from go outdoors

    Premier Icon sillyoldman

    Lazer Impala is comfy for me.

    Leatt dbx 3.0….. Its the most comfy and best ventilated helmet I’ve owned to date.


    I tried the TLD A1 but agree that it was hit, and for me the A2 wasn’t as comfy.

    After trying a few, I bought the Specialized Ambush MIPS, which is the most comfortable helmet I’ve ever had and really well vented

    I’d highly recommend trying one.

    Frankly if you like the smiths but not the price or the looks, buy the smiths!

    Who cares what it looks like!
    And if it’s expensive but the fit is good, if you never crash, in 10yrs your not going to think, well that was a waste of money, I could of saved myself £30 (or whatever)
    If you do take a big smash and walk away, your not going to be thinking, if only I’d bought a cheaper lid!
    If you don’t walk away you won’t care either way…

    That is at least my 2p 😉


    So, for what it’s worth… Tried on several of the suggestions made above, but nothing fits as well as the Smith Forefront 2! So I’ve ordered one… Doesn’t look quite as bad as I remember to be fair, the fit however is the best I’ve ever experienced, almost as if it had been custom moulded to my head shape!

    Helmets are so specific to the individual – I have a worn once POC Tectal sat on the shelf that I took a chance on that just doesn’t work….went back to old faithful but need to keep looking for a new one!

    Premier Icon Jordan

    I went through this process last year, sounds like we have simillar shaped heads. Tried loads and eventually settled on the IXS trail RS evo. Others that sorta fit ok were TLD A2, Specialized Ambush and Bontrager Rally. The last one would have been my choice after the IXS.

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