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  • new to cycling shorts..touring advice.
  • Are you going commando?

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    After many years of Aldi/Decathlon I’ve gone posh and got some Pearl Izumi Quest bibs.

    They really are good – a nicer fit and comfier.
    You could always stick a pair of baggies over them if you wanted to.

    Not that much more than the budget stuff, about £40.00, but well worth it.

    I got two pairs, one to wash, one to wear.

    They do an XL, which fits me fine. 🙂


    Just buy some padded liners and use the shorts you have


    dhb do some nice bib shorts that aren’t too pricey.

    Always been a bit anti bib-shorts wondering what the point was, but having tried a pair I can see that they really make sense.

    I think some of the pricier Decathlon (b-twin) shorts are supposed to be good, but please don’t go for the cheap ones. I did and they are awful. The pad is an odd shape, too large and tended to just fold in the middle. I reckon riding around with a load of bent in half beer mats wedge up my butt crack wouldn’t have been much more uncomfortable.
    I tried them for a few rides, but they recently went in the bin.

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    always worn baggy combat type shorts with normal grundies under.
    tried padded undies and they just bunch up and rub.
    thought about some tight endura type lycra shorts with some baggies to slip on for the pub/cafe.

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    It’s fair to say that not all pads are created equal. Even higher quality pads come in a variety of shapes and you may have to try a few before finding something perfect.

    In the meantime, chamois cream will help prevent any rubbing and if the skin is broken, make sure you are scrupulous with personal hygiene and wash the shorts after every ride.

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    never worn padded cycling shorts in 30+ years of cycling, i have decided to give them a go for touring.
    started getting a couple of sore spots downstairs. 🙁

    any good short recommendations?


    I use DHB aeron race shorts and quite often put a pair of lycra liners (like rugby undershorts) underneath to stop rubbing-held up for days of up to 150 miles with no trouble


    Maybe get some bib shorts with a decent liner and wear some non-baggy baggies (touring shorts) over the top. I got some of these recently to go over bibs for commuting. They also have a very thin chamois type pad in there, if you’re used to riding without a pad maybe that on it’s own would be enough?

    If you’re a medium and like the look of those give me a shout, I bought medium but needed small. Wore them twice so couldn’t return them. They’re in the spares bin at the moment but might never get used.

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    If you want bibs, I’m totally impressed with the Howies ones. I’ve now got 3 pairs, they’re so good.


    Just try some lycra on and buy what fits best . Then realise that they will be out of your budget (they always are :() and buy the next best thing.
    Most people find bibs stay in place longer, especially if you have a tummy!
    Lycra is never worn with undies. Pointless.
    Baggies are just pointless extra weight.


    I’ve tried DHB, Madison, Decathlon bib shorts – They’re all better than just short liners but due to actually riding my road bike a bit now I splashed some cash on Castelli ones –
    Yeah, you could build a hardtail for the price of them, but every time you sit back down on the saddle you remember that it’s money well spent.


    Watch out for tinea cruris (crotch itch, crotch rot, Dhobie itch, eczema marginatum, gym itch, jock itch, jock rot, scrot rot, ringworm of the groin) as well.

    Can happen and you think you have just chaffed, when in fact you have this. It is easy to get rid off, same as athletes foot, with clotrimazole cream. Recommend taking a tube with you, and even applying proactivly.

    Waterproof shorts are worthwhile additions on top of your padded lycra, if you think it may get wet, you’ll have a chance of keeping your arse dry.


    The best value seems to be dhb stuff from Wiggle. When you choose a pair, go around the £50-£80 mark and you’ll get something excellent. The quality of the lycra matters because that’s what holds the pad in the correct place and do NOT go for an over-thick pad like a gel, it’s not comfortable. You need a thinnish pad, which has enough body to hold its shape and not crease up. dhb have a red pad, which is excellent.

    The dhb women’s kit model is rather easy on the eye as well….

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    I swear by the expensive Decathlon bibs, the ones with the orange pad.

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