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  • stanfree

    Looking to get a small (ish) Kitchen fitted and just had B&Q round for a quote . Who else should I get prices from . ? I am totally inept at DIY so I cant build it myself.


    Avoid habitat, my boss has been living a nightmare for the past 6 months.


    Where do you live?

    Premier Icon Vortexracing

    If you wait till the morning you will have a big list on here to choose from

    Kitchens Manchester
    Kitchens Hull
    Kitchens Oldham
    Kitchens Wigan



    Personally I would be talking to a independent fitter that comes from a recommendation if possible.
    A far better way to do it in my experience.

    … my boss has been living a nightmare for the past 6 months.

    Possibly slightly over stating the situation 🙂


    Magnet might be worth a look.
    I fit Kitchens every day and there all as bad as each other.
    I fit Moores, Manhatton and Symphony kitchens in new build properties.
    Depends on the fitter but should not take more than a week to fit private build and a day in new build.


    Thanks for the replies , I live in East lothian so looking at Edinburgh suppliers.

    Premier Icon stevenmenmuir

    Ikea? Howdens? My old man might be able to fit it for you but it would have to be at a weekend as he works away from home during the week. I can ask him if you like. He might still have a trade account with Howdens.

    Premier Icon scotroutes

    Ikea. They can supply you with a list of fitters.

    The one thing to watch is that Ikea units do not have a space at the back for “services”. If you have lots of pipework or external conduit this can be a problem. OTOH, the units have more internal space than other manufacturers.


    Howdens – get local carpenter to quote and fit (Steven’s dad? )

    b r

    +1 Local Indy

    Member and get a local fitter to design/install

    And I’m a kitchen fitter and have fitted most if not all of the “shed” kitchens and more.

    I’ve 2 kitchens in my house and both are from them.

    Premier Icon rickmeister

    Ikea for the carcases and then sort the doors or worktops yourself. Alba kitchens in Musselburgh may help here with the doors as they do this as a kitchen refresher. Found Farrel near Fort Kinnaird pretty damn expensive tbh. Then go with Steves dad for the fitting..

    Do Ikea still have an online planning tool as well ?

    Premier Icon justinbieber

    I’ve just spent the last three days fitting a Howdens kitchen in my house and as a relative novice, I have to say it all seems very well thought out and the service I’ve got from them has been fantastic. They were nice and competitive on price too.

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