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  • New Howies Catalouge

    Dear Howies,

    I appreciate your attempt to cut down on waste by not putting the new catalouge in an envelope, but i dont think sending a book through the post without any packing to hold it together is the way to go. Judging by the state of mine the posties wernt too happy about having it flapping about either. If you wanted to save money/paper/the world then there are at least 20-30 pages of poetry/eco propoganda/pictures which dont show product that you could have easilly ditched instead (Hell, you could even print stuff that stuff on the envelope if you wanted). That way i might have wanted to pick up and read your nice catalouge (which it has been in the past) instead of this torn, crumpled and slightly damp on one corner thing i have now.

    a regular customer.

    Strange. I know its an unfashionable thing to say on here, but mine made it through the post in pristene condition and seems quite a good catalogue (if a little over priced).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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