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  • New Helment recomendations please
  • Premier Icon lowey

    Had a Xen for the last few years which is now in need of retirement. Anyone got any recommendations for comfy helmet, well vented for all day use ?

    Looking at a 661 recon at the moment, any owners got any comments or other options ?

    I Know its likely been done to death before but quite frankly I CBA with the search on this forum.

    Cheers all.


    I’ve had a Met Veleno for the past few years which has great. Best crash hat I’ve had.


    I had a Xen that was retired after it lost an argument with a rock.

    I now use an Urge Enduromatic and like it, it’s a bit warm but no worse than other similar lids and find it really comfy and I like the way it looks. I also looked at the Giro Feature and 661 lid of a similar style.

    Premier Icon akira

    New Specialized Tactic looks nice, bargain as well at only £55.

    Premier Icon lowey

    That Urge one looks well protected but I bet it must get hot no ?

    Premier Icon xherbivorex

    i replaced my old xen with a hex, which was a better fit for me to be honest. and i’ve recently replaced that with a giro feature, which again is an even better fit but definitely runs a lot warmer than the previous two as it has way fewer vents.
    so what i’m saying is i’d have a look at the hex if i were you mate!


    I like Uvex Lids. Currently have an XP CC. Very light, Comfy with a good fit adjust system and well ventilated. Has a really nice forehead pad that stops the rivers of sweat running into my eyes.

    Shop around as you can get them cheaper than in the link above. They do a few models so might have something that suits.


    The URGE does get hot – but at ‘Enduro’ speeds it vents pretty well.
    However if you are a plodder like me, you will feel warm.
    Love mine though.

    Premier Icon composite

    I posted this the other day but no sense not pimping it more. 🙂

    My review of the Lazer Nirvana.

    Lazer Nirvana helmet review


    I loved my Zen’s but recently bought

    Giro Feature
    Giro Hex
    Giro Xar

    Prefer the Xar, then Hex then Feature


    you don’t need a helmet, granite top 😆


    I have a Feature, had a Flux and a Xen – recommend all 3.

    Depends on fit/price/colour at the end of the day

    Got a recon for Xmas, its amazing, and looks the bomb!

    Premier Icon tommytowtruck

    Met Veleno here too.


    Giro Xar here, very happy with it


    Another vote for the Uvex XP – best helmet I’ve owned and didn’t break the bank.

    Premier Icon teamslug

    I’ve got a Specialized Vice.i’ve got quite a big head and Giro dont fit properly. Nice if a bit heavy. Got it from Evans. £85.00 on shelf £35.00 at till!!


    Just bought a Decathlon helmet. £35 for their top end own brand, which is nicely vented and seems fairly well constructed.


    Poc trabec race is super light and very comfy.
    Think it was £89 so not to bad.


    Father Xmas bought me an Urge AM, that I have used a couple of times so far. Very comfy and fits really well. Although not as well vented as many lids, I didnt notice my head getting any hotter than normal 🙂 Very pleased with it.

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