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  • New Garage Inspiration!
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    We’ve moving into a new home soon, and will have a blank canvas in the garage to start on.

    It’s got a sealed interior, that’s a bit bigger than a single garage. It has a shower room and a couple of rooms upstairs that we’re going to use as offices for us.

    But I need some inspiration for what to do with the space !

    Currently we’ve got a big double garage, with 6 racking units, two sliding drawer tool chests, and a small table for working on things with a vice and truing stand.

    What I’d like to do….

    1. Hang the bikes (4) on the wall, vertically
    2. Have some decent table space to work on, as I do a lot of strip downs, suspension services, bearing changes, wheel builds
    3. Have everything really well organised

    So… What have folk done with their space?

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    Candyfloss and popcorn machines.

    Premier Icon HoratioHufnagel
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    I’ve got the bikes hung vertically at the end, a 2nd hand Ikea Udden freestanding kitchen unit with a stainless worktop along the side for servicing and a wall mount bike stand.

    You need a surprising amount of empty space to service a bike, especialy the long slack 29ers you get these days.

    Constant struggle to stop the rest of the family dumping their crap in there, don’t want it to end up like most garages…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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