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  • New Clothing brand coming to Evans
  • sillyoldman
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    Navy Twill riding shorts coming next season?

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    G&H riding breeches Sir?

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    Gieves & Hawkes lost their way in
    ready-to-wear several years ago by chasing ever-changing fashion trends;think sunak’s suits – skinny jacket, trousers too short etc.
    Their casual clothes were re-focussed into a younger market who may have liked the look but couldn’t afford the prices.
    As for bespoke, I have no experience of them.
    Will they remain outfitter of choice for the military?
    There’s not much love for Mike Ashley but he’s certainly run a very successful business; Frasers Group share price is close to an
    all-time high and net profit for y/e april ’22 was £230mill.
    I’d never considered buying shares in his business but…

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    I can’t help thinking it’s just an overelaborate, expensive way for Mike to obtain shirts that actually fit…

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    Tailored shell suits. Yeessss!

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    Waxed MTB plus fours for the winter, surely!

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    Could have done with some of them on yesterday’s ride.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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