New boiler Advice needed….Plumbers needed.

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  • New boiler Advice needed….Plumbers needed.
  • danjthomas

    Hi, my mother in law is getting a new boiler fitted in a month or at least getting quotes. She has been recommended a ariston 30Kw boiler which apparently has a 5 yr warrenty on parts.

    Its a three bed end terrace. Is this boiler gonna last? is it good enough to run a shower (non-electric) and radiators the same time etc..

    Any advice will be much appreciated. Im an engineer but have no idea when it comes to stuff like this.

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    People are going to need a little more info to help you properly. Size of rooms, is the house well insulated, size of radiators etc.

    I am no expert but I can’t say I have heard of Ariston as boiler company. As far as I am aware Worcester Bosch And Baxi are the two biggies. Presuming this is a mains gas combi that is going in

    Avoid the ariston, not particularly reliable and parts are both scarce and expensive.

    Baxi, Main, and Potterton are all the same.. Reliable, cheap to buy and easy and cheap to fix.

    Worcester, valiant, weisman are all very good too.

    Also avoid vokera, ravenheat, biasi

    30kw should be plenty


    Funky monkey are you a plumber? cheers for your time..


    There was a thread on this recently and all those in the know settled on Worcester Bosch as the top dog…

    I’ve just been through this process myself. My advice would be to discuss with the installer all the details before the work begins. Things like new radiators, valves, thermostats, pipework alterations and rubbish disposal, and get a price/quote for everything. I was fortunate in as much as I have known my installer for 30 years and he is very trustworthy and got a good job done.

    I went for a Worcester Bosch Junior 28i and is first class with 2 year maufacturers warranty. Runs the shower no problem at all. I live in a 3 bed semi with 2 bathrooms.

    Hope this may be of some help!!

    IMO I wouldn’t go with Ariston.

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    i have a heating business and we install Worcester virtually exclusively in 7 years ive not yet had to repair a WB boiler i ve installed
    Ariston.. your having a laugh!
    fit something 24-28kw the WB even comes with a chip to reduce the gas it uses whilst the CH is on. the main issues are how many hot water taps are likely to be used at the same time ( ie number of occupants, bathrooms showers) and the sizing of the gas pipe to the boiler if its currently 15mm and more than a couple of metres from gas meter than the gas supply will very likely need upgrading to 22mm.
    as a guide we install WB 24kw from 1400 as like for like swaps and a full system boiler 5 rads and a towel rail all pipework etc from 3100.


    Having had 5 expansion tanks fitted in 5 years, I cannot recommend Baxi Service plan enough…

    I got to the point where the Baxi engineer would come at 7:30am because he knew I would do him breakfast while he replaced yet another.

    Eventually got a massive football sized external tank and had 4 rads replaced and all has been ok…


    30 kw is excessive for a 3 bed terrace. We live in a 4 bed detached and we have a 24 kw boiler.


    30kw, like your 24kw you recommend isn’t excessive. It’s just guessing. None of us know what size he actually needs. I’d go for a Worcestor Bosch. The higher output boilers will give you a better hot water performance too.

    We have a Weismann Vitodens 100 fitted here last year, was recommended it over the Worcester. has a 5 year warranty on it which helped swing the deal.


    The size will most likely depend on how big the hot water demand is on it.
    As Paul says we are just guessing with sizes but the heating load is usually not as big as the heating load.

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