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  • New baby, 5 weeks old with silent Reflux
  • chrisyork
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    Thanks it’s definitely a countdown to that time as we both live for bikes!

    We’ve got a special dummy coming tomorrow that you can put medicine into while he’s using it, proving hard to get him to take it while he’s awake so this is the best way 😆

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    It does get easier, we went through this with our eldest (and the youngest too, not as bad thankfully and we had a good idea what the early signs meant) she was eventually diagnosed with cows milk protein allergy, she also had to have omeprazole for reflux. We used variflow teats too, it reduced how hard she had to suck which reduced the air intake, the neocate formula she was prescribed mixed up a little thicker than normal ones too)
    We were somewhat lucky in that she was a greedy baby (sadly this hasn’t changed even though she’s nearly 6 now) and would happily swallow anything she was given so getting the omeprazole into her was easy, once she was weaning we were able to open the capsules and spread them on to pureed fruit and spoon it in (she was upped to 20mg pretty quickly)
    The omeprazole was a game changer, she was much happier once the dosage caught up to her needs.

    The bikes will come back, it won’t be the same as pre children but you’ve got the joy of family adventures to look forward to now as well, get yourself a macride or shotgun seat and get them hooked on bikes too.

Viewing 2 posts - 41 through 42 (of 42 total)

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