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  • New 26″ wheel or new 650b rigid frameset?
  • Premier Icon sirromj

    26″ rear wheel on Trigger’s broom of a rigid MTB commuter is on it’s last legs. Rattly very worn cup + cone bearings, and shonky free-hub. Been through years of abuse.

    I could get a new 26″ disc 9/10/11 speed wheel, QR, 32 spokes please, can’t be made of cheese, should handle some abuse.

    But I also have a spare 650b wheelset* (100×15 front, 142×12 rear).

    So what I my chances of getting a cheap as chips 650b rigid frame + rigid** fork for said wheels?

    Any recommendations, is under £250 a possibility for 650b frame + rigid fork?

    * Controls/brakes/drivetrain from 26″ rigid commuter would migrate across.
    ** No time for servicing forks on a commuter bike.

    Premier Icon joebristol

    Vitus had some cheap alloy mtb frames in 650b recently. I got one for £150 – but I think the Nucleus was on offer for nearer £100. Not sure what length rigid forks you’d need – but I’d hope you could get some for £100 from somewhere.


    Second hand wheel off here fifty quid.

    Premier Icon sirromj

    How well do 650b wheels and tyres fit in a 700c frame?
    Q&A says 35c is the max tyre width, but could a 2″ 650b tyre fit?

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