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  • Just signed up to Netflix but can’t see it anywhere on our samsung smart TV
    Tried doing a software update but says everything’s up to date
    Any help appreciated

    Premier Icon Drac

    it’s on the front page of mine but refused to accepts my password and username so cancelled my account.

    Premier Icon Capt. Kronos

    Works fine on mine – you need to install it though first.

    Can’t see it anywhere. Is it in the samsung apps section??

    Premier Icon GavinB

    Yes, in the apps section.

    Very odd can’t see it anywhere on mine. It was one of the first samsung smart tv’s so maybe a bit out of date!


    Yep, well known problem for certain Samsung TVs (mine included unfortunately). Samsung say it’s a Netflix thing, given up on it…

    Premier Icon Alphabet

    My Samsung is about 3 to 4 years old and I can’t get Netflix to work on it 🙁


    Mine is about 2 years old and Netflix works fine. All your other apps working?


    It’s a firmware issue with your TV. I had exactly the same problem with my Samsung TV. The firmware thinks it’s up to date and won’t check on-line for newer versions.

    The only way around it is to update the firmware manually using a USB stick via the port on the back of your TV. You can download the firmware from the Samsung website using the TV’s serial number. It seems to be quite a common issue, but pretty easy to sort out.

    After I did this I got all the new apps, including Netflix.


    Cheap 2nd hand PS3 from CEX (or similar) can be had for about £80 and will do most of the stuff you’d use a smart tv for, plus bluray and games 🙂

    Premier Icon Teetosugars

    Can’t seem to find it on my Sony either… Got it on the iPad, but can’t see it on the telly?


    Yep. Older Samsung Smart TVs won’t run Netflix. So much for firmware based upgradeable TVs when the manufacturers are in a shiny shiny arms race – attention spans don’t match ambitions. Samsung UE37D5520 here.


    We have a Samsung ‘smart’ TV with loads of [pointless] apps (inc Netflix that doesn’t work) and the only thing we use on it is iPlayer.

    In my experience your better off having your streaming requirements provided by an add-on piece of hardware (so xbox, playstation, AppleTV, Raspberry Pi, etc running XBMC.).

    Much better compatability, support, updates and a design that works (for example the Samsung media streamer will play movies off a network drive/usb stick but there is no FF or FR capability, wtf?)

    Premier Icon dickyhepburn

    I agree with sharkbait we have a samsung smart tv but don’t use the netflix app as it is painful, instead we use netflix on apple tv (which is great – can search by genre which you can’t on the app) and Nowtv on xbxox

    I got a Chromecast from the US for £19. Great bit of kit for Netflix, YouTube and play content. Should be available in the UK next week.

    Had a problem on my Panasonic Viera not being able to sign in to Netflix. The answer was to set it to use the Google DNS server.

    Premier Icon Alphabet

    I’ve updated the firmware from usb and still can’t get Netflix. It just isn’t in the apps list (that I can find). Previously I’ve tried changing the telly’s DNS settings to USA and although I did get the Netflix app it wouldn’t let me log in. I haven’t tried since updating the firmware though. My telly is a UE40D5520RK.

    So I’ll be looking into some kind of xbmc or similar device to save having to hook up my laptop every time I want to watch Netflix on the big screen.

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