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  • AB

    My Turner 5 Spot is currently decked out with a couple of 2.35 Maxxis High Rollers with a Super Tacky front and I’ve come to the conclusion that they are overkill for the 7 Stanes riding I’m doing.

    Don’t get me wrong, they inspire sooooo much confidence on the way down, but it’s like pedalling through soup on the ups and flat.

    So, I’m thinking of a Maxxis Larsen/Ignitor rear and a Crossmark front.

    Anyone run a similar combo? Advice on sizes too??


    Maxis Larsen TTs 2.0 front and back, Incredibly good and very very fast.


    Wasn’t sure that the Larsen on front would offer enough grip on the downs, that’s why I was thinking about the Crossmark…?


    I’ve ridden the Gap descent in the rain using Lasren TT up front , if you don’t know it it’s a very boulder strewn rocky affair.

    The tyres were faultless as always, the only thing they won’t do is thick mud.


    Speed you up on the way up or on the way down?

    Narrower tyres may make you faster on the way up but the lack of grip will slow you down on the way down.

    Continental Speed kings or mountain Kings in 2.4″ (they come up small).


    go for something like bonty mud x, as they are a lot lighter and only marginally less grippy.


    2.3 60A High Roller or minion on the front (still pretty grippy, but a bit faster rolling)
    2.1 Ignitor on the back, pumped up relatively hard.


    michelin xcr 2.0 are fast but the sidewalls are a little weak but should be ok on trail centres


    I had 2 larsens 2.0 on my bike but felt it lacked grip so put a highroller 2.35 super tacky up front with the Larsen left on the rear. This is a great combo, but I find the super tacky highroller is like having an anchor on the bike, great for technical climbs and descents but slow when you want some speed.
    Trying to suss out what to put on the front for more grip but still rolls quick?

    maxxis swampthings 2.1 pumped up relatively hard (30-35psi, normaly i run 20-25psi in 2.2-2.4’s).

    very fast rolling and very gripy. But then again, any narrow tires going to be faster than a big soft one.

    Good call Krabbs man – if the op has put empahsis of better rolling with still decent grip for me Mud x are very hard to fault (ex high roller convert)


    panaracer rampage on the front. 2.35. Blows up big, grips very very well and rolls amazingly fast for a big tyre. Keeping this with minion 2.35 60a rear tyre over winter till trails starting drying up ( circa march) then hope to drop down to 2.1’s for dry season. Also ride a 5 spot and plan to upgrade with lighter parts when they need to be changed. Hope to have a 28lb bike for summer, its sitting at 35lb just now and although a blast, the lighter weight in summer will be much appreciated

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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