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  • Natural riding around Llangynog/Penybontfawr
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    We are staying in Penybontfawr, just down the road from Revolution Bike park this weekend.

    Before i start planning on Komoot, does anyone have any recommendations of some natural riding around there? Routes around 2 to 3 hours would be good. I’ll be taking a pretty capable 29er hardtail so steep/tech is fine.

    Many Thanks

    Premier Icon thesquaredog
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    Check out number 5 here…

    Nine of Britain’s best looking MTB routes to do this Autumn

    Starts and finishes in Llangynog. Imagine it might take more than 2 to 3 hours though 🙂

    Premier Icon thelawman
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    This route is similar to the MBR route mentioned above, but also considerably longer than 2-3 hours
    The descent from Y Clogydd back into Llangynog is worthwhile in itself, and you could certainly do that section of the route from the valley to the south, effectively by doing a circuit of the hill called Y Garn (or Glan Hafon, depending on the scale of map you look at).
    Alternatively, from Llangynog, take the lane up Cwm Rhiwarth, which turns into a (tough) off road climb up the head of the valley. Either of two natural bridleways will then bring you back, generally southwards, into the valley of Cwm Pennant. Haven’t done that for some years, but I seem to recall it was mostly easy to follow on the ground. It would be useful to have a map in your pocket/pack, though. The area of the southern Berwyns is mostly sheep-farming moorland, so open country once you’re above the valleys.
    From Penybontfawr, there’s a number of legit tracks to the south, but again you’d probably need a map to hand in order to be able to string something together. This area (I think) is a bit more enclosed in terms of the farming, not so much open moor.
    None of the above is really particularly steep or tech, to be honest…but I don’t seek that out particularly.

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    I think this is probably the same route as on the MBR link above, but a bit heavier on detail (the description doesn’t start from Llangynog but that doesn’t matter):

    Cadair Berwyn Loop

    As said, you probably want to allow more than 3 hours but it’s a nice route. Not massively technical but feels like proper wilderness in places. Pub stops and shops on route, what’s not to like?
    (The massive road climb out of Llangynog, that’s what 😆)

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    Just dug out the loop I did back in 2015, but prob not what you’re after as it was 52km and 1800m.

    I remember it being a decent ride but not a lot of tech. Quite an out there feeling about it though even if you’re never to far away from places

    Edit – Pretty much the two routes posted above

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    You are right near one of the best trails actually, it is a bridle way that starts @ GR: SJ 07244 27978 and heads SW. Just south of Pistyl Rheader. Very Steep and very fast. Be great on a capable 29er:)

    The rest of the stuff is nice, not too tech with great views. It is amazing round there. Really quite.

    Premier Icon teenrat
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    Many thanks for all of the replies. Seems that there is plenty to get stuck into!

    Premier Icon thelawman
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    You are right near one of the best trails actually, it is a bridle way that starts @ GR: SJ 07244 27978 and heads SW. Just south of Pistyl Rheader.

    Yup, that’s the one I was recommending as “the descent from Y Clogydd into Llangynog”. I stopped several times to take photos last year, but it is a belter, about 1000ft of descent.

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