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  • (Mythical?) TV license detector vans…
  • Premier Icon IvanDobski
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    How do these work then?

    Talking about it at work last night – my understanding is that the tv license enforcement types have a big database of licensed addresses and then cross-reference this against the addresses given by punters buying tvs. Van rocks up, enforcers enter address and if the tv is able to receive signals but the address has no licence then you get done…

    However where do the "detector" vans come in? Can they establish if you are receiving signals – if so how? My tv is used solely for dvd/xbox stuff and as such isn't connected to an aerial/digibox/sky. How can the vans differentiate between this useage and me then plugging an aerial in to receive an analog tv signal?

    Or are "detector" vans bollocks like I suspect and they're simply described as such in order to "persuede" people that resistance to the grossly unfair tv tax is futile?

    Premier Icon ziggy
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    Horseshite without a doubt. However you try getting them to believe you don't have a TV in the 21st century is another thing. It's like a 6 year old drawing, it just more and more red lettering and more LARGE CAPS every time they send you a letter.

    Premier Icon GrahamS
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    Yep, the detectors vans have long been exposed as a ruse.

    They even refused Freedom of Information requests asking about them, how many they had and how they worked.

    It is theoretically possible to pick up the signal from a CRT telly, but no use for LCDs/plasmas etc.

    Premier Icon druidh
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    It is absolutely possible to pick up the signal from a CRT telly – or indeed any CRT (like a PC display). I've done it and been able to view the display on another screen.

    Premier Icon IvanDobski
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    What grounds did they refuse the FOI request on?

    Premier Icon adstick
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    can you locate the signal though?

    Premier Icon Rockhopper
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    They pick up the signal generated by the local oscilator in the tuner, perfectly possible to receive it on a cheepo market wideband receiver. As to whether the detector vans actaully bother to do this is another matter!

    Premier Icon vinnyeh
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    well, well, well, learn something every day.

    Premier Icon JulianA
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    TV Licencing are a bunch of a$$holes.

    Sent us threatening letters (from day one) for a year to a house which wasn't even habitable for most of it (and certainly never had a television in it). We were 'selected for a visit' to be 'questioned under caution' so many times that I lost count.

    I should have been delighted to be 'visited' as I should have been very happy to 'explain' the situation to the 'visitor'!

    I even filled in a questionnaire on the BBC website about licence fee collection in which I said that their methods would make the SS blush. I don't think that comment made it into the final consultation document…

    And yes, we do have a licence for the house in which we live and good value it is too!

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