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  • Fitting new rim – advice wanted
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    I want to swap a rim on one of my wheels and in the past have always got my LBS to do it, as I do not feel I have the skill/time/tools to do it myself.

    However, the first thing the LBS do is to cut all the spokes and throw them away as they say this is a much quicker way of doing things. In addition to being wasteful, it also means they can charge me for a complete set of new spokes and the time taken to fit them.

    I was therefore wondering this time, whether I should do the first part
    myself, i.e. swap the rim over by uncrewing all spokes from the old rim and "loosely" attaching the new rim. Then give the wheel to the LBS to set up properly.

    Is this a practical/sensible/cost effective way to go or are they just going to have to undo what I have done and start again?

    Advice welcome.

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    If it's the same rim then yes, just tape the two rims together, then go around evenly undoing the spokes and swap them onto the new rim. Use new nipples, but no reason to use new spokes.

    If it's a different rim you probably will need new spokes.

    EDIT: You may as well as least lace it yourself and see how far you get, just make sure you only swap one spoke at a time, you can't get the lacing wrong then. You can always take it to the LBS for a final true/check over.


    your LBS probably wouldnt be overly impressed with being handed a laced wheel.

    its "bad practice" as the spokes have all been stretched different amounts, however ive done it and never had an issue.

    undo all the nipples, swap the spokes over so the lacing isnt affected, and re true it, using a frame/fork and some zipties as a guide.

    your LBS may be ok with being handed a laced and tensioned wheel and being asked to "true it" (put it in proper tension and straighten it)

    bear in mind that some rims have left and right spoke holes, its not obvious at first glance.
    putting them in the wrong ones can bugger up the rim (mavic 717s and 317s here)

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    Thanks for the advice.

    Sounds as if it may not quite be as straightforward as I first thought, although doable with a bit of thought/few pointers.

    However, since posting this someone at work (who used to be a bike mechanic) as offered to do it for me for a beer!! So looks like that is the way ahead as it'll save me the £50 or so that the LBS charge and save me from messing it up!

    have a go yourself hust be slow and only do the nipples 1/2 a turn at a time it is not hard just needs patience

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