My turn to help someone in need :)

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  • My turn to help someone in need :)
  • Premier Icon gnusmas

    Just wanted to share the news with you all, after all the help you have given us.

    Happened to see by chance a gofundme page for a man that lives about a mile away from me. I have seen him around town and said hello to him a few times, but not for a while. This is why.

    Just spoke to him on the phone, his situation and everything him and his family are going through is scarily similar to our situation.

    I explained to him unfortunately I am not in a position to financially help, but I can help them. I forwarded my blog address to him so he could see I do understand. Lyanda’s wheelchair, walking frames, bath seats and other items are all being given to him by me so he can have a better quality of life.

    Also, he has alienated himself, much the same as Lyanda did, from the outside world. I have made it perfectly clear that some mornings I will pop down to see them. Have already discussed taking him for coffee so his wife can have a break and also for his self confidence building.

    Like we agreed, until someone experiences these life changing circumstances they cannot fully understand or offer any words of wisdom. I understand too well from each of their points of view what they are all going through. He said all he wants, apart from needing the equipment, is some emotional support and a friend he didn’t need to constantly explain himself too. So hopefully this new found possible friendship will benefit us both.

    That is all. Finally, my turn to be able to help, hopefully in a major way.

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    “Like” !

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    The gift of friendship.

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    Top job sir, but you’d already got going by offering those gripshifts to me… Maybe not quite in the same league tho 😉

    Premier Icon gnusmas

    The purist – they are sitting in a box ready to go, will be popping into town tomorrow/Thursday. Sorry for the delay, been a really busy and stressful couple of weeks.

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    This is why we need a like button

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    And you have found a tipper to help me out too.

    And a bmx for my (frustratingly fickle son)…

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    this is why people on here helping you when you need(ed) it isn’t charity. It’s because they know when you can, you pay it forward, and in turn hopefully the person you help can do the same. And little by little, ‘things’ get better and the world is a bit of a nicer place for those that can help and who get the help.

    And if everyone benefits a little bit, we all benefit a lot.

    Well done mate.


    What JohnV said, it’s all good kharma ad makes the world a wee bit nicer for all concerned.

    Thats worth a gold star & a smiley face!

    Top work. you are a star

    Premier Icon grumpysculler

    until someone experiences these life changing circumstances they cannot fully understand or offer any words of wisdom

    Here be a wise thing.

    You, sir, are a good bloke. Chapeau.

    I hope this becomes a positive friendship for both of you.

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    Nice one mate 👍

    Gnusmas, you are a good man, a very good man.

    Premier Icon jamj1974

    This is why people offered help – because you are a good guy who helps others.

    Premier Icon SaxonRider

    That’s fantastic, gnusmas! I hope it’ll be as helpful for you as it is for him. There is nothing like receiving then giving in turn.

    I am genuinely delighted to hear this.

    Very best wishes.

    The sh1t that some people have to go through *£%^s me off.

    Top work gnusmas for making Brian and his family’s like a bit less sh1t.

    I sincerely hope you can become a great support for one another.

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    Someone once said, “There’s no such thing as society”.



    I knew there was a reason I liked this place. A nice offset to some of the cockbaggery on other topics.

    Gnusmas – you, Sir, are a star.

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    @SaxonRider… The GnusMeister has only gone and arranged for the bricks to be collected by a nice bloke with a tipper van. Wahey!

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    Like and much respect .

    Premier Icon garage-dweller

    Much respect Mr gnusmas for doing that after all you’ve been through.


    This thread is very annoying, it appears to have triggered a dust storm in my lounge.


    Who’s chopping onions?

    Good work. (on everything)


    Post of the Year.

    School report A**

    Well done you.

    Premier Icon jimmy

    Shoo-perb work.

    Premier Icon gnusmas

    This morning, I carried the electric wheelchair out of the house and down the 14 steps for the last time. Really mixed emotions in doing so, and the half hour journey over to Brian’s house. Shed a few tears on the way and fond memories were overflowing. I know Lyanda would have wanted me to do this as much as i wanted to. It will now benefit someone else in need and hopefully give him the same sense of independence and freedom Lyanda experienced, all thanks to all of you.

    Brian is a really nice bloke. Had a cuppa with him and chatted for an hour before I had to go and get the little one from nursery. He said he really wanted to keep in touch and hopefully meet up now and again. He said it was nice, in a strange way, to be able to talk about things without worrying of the response he would get. He asked what it was like from the carers side of things. I tried explaining from my point of view what his wife was likely to be thinking. He seemed pleased about this and I hope gave him a rough look at things from her perspective.

    All in all, another very emotional day. Sadness and upsetting, but happy too, knowing this will benefit him and help him live his life the best way he can from now on.




    Well done for getting through another tough day.

    I’m pretty sure you’ll get as much out of this situation as Brian will.. i’ve taken a bit of comfort in passing some of my late brothers things onto worthy recipients over the last couple of years.

    Just a thought – you might find that yours/Brians kids could find it useful to talk about the difficult time they’re going through..?

    Premier Icon gnusmas

    That is one thing we discussed, getting all the kids together. It turns out that their kids went to the school ours goes to until about 2 years ago, when his problems got worse and they had to move. That would explain how we sort of knew each other before. There is a possibility they know each other already, which would be nice.

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