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  • Premier Icon mboy

    Was meant to be leading a ride out this morning, but a lovely stomach bug (only a few days after getting over the flu!) put paid to that, so the bike I finished building roughly last night has had a bit more of a setup and test up and down the road… And a couple of better pics.

    Quite a lot of black on it as you can see! Certainly the blackest bike I’ve owned. Was worried the white bars and chain device might look out of place, but I’m quite happy with how it looks. Just need to try and find an old 110mm conversion for the 2004 Z1’s as the front’s a a tiny bit tall and slack as is.

    Just totted up the build (was meant to be as cheap as poss) and it goes like this…

    Fire Eye Bloodshot frame… £90 (CRC)
    2004 Z1 FR’s… £60 (ebay)
    FSA Orbit Headset… £20 (ebay iirc)
    Sunline Stem… £25 (classifieds on here)
    Answer bars… £20 (CRC)
    Grips… £3 (Bike Jumble)
    Brakes… £30 (CRC)
    Rotors… £16 (ebay)
    XT 8spd shifter… £13 (classifieds)
    SLX Cranks… £40 (classifieds)
    BB… £10 (classifieds)
    Gamut chain device… £35 (classifieds)
    Pedals… £35 (from work)
    Easton EA70 post… £23 (CRC)
    Specialized Phenom Ti saddle… £5, yes really! (Bike Jumble)
    Deore rear mech… Free!
    8spd Cassette… £12
    8spd chain… £5
    Wheels… Another freebie!!! 🙂
    Tyres… Had them for years, so essentially free.

    So I make that £442 all in. A lot more expensive than I was originally hoping for, but to be honest, I got a bit carried away when I found some VERY nice bits for very cheap, and it turned out a lot nicer build as a result…


    Liking the colour-scheme 8)


    Wicked budget razzed there!


    That does look fun!

    Premier Icon Wookster

    Nice simple/ clean build, like it..

    Premier Icon Alex

    Reminds me of my old atomlab pimp. That has ‘loads of fun and possible injury’ written all over it 🙂

    Premier Icon mboy

    Cheers guys

    Pete, soon as I’ve got a day free, gonna get some miles in on the road bike and come over and say hi again one day. Get the kettle on! 😉

    That has ‘loads of fun and possible injury’ written all over it

    Hehe. Gonna ease myself into jumps again I think, been a while since I got any air more than about 6″! Mainly will just use it as a glorified get to work bike (seat JUST goes up high enough for me to pedal efficiently, and work is less than 4 miles away) and for the odd local woods razz about. Will probably buy some new shin/knee guards in the near future though.


    Nice! Older Bombers rock! 8)

    Get in touch with UK Bike Store about the travel reduction kit – very helpful folks and work closely with Windwave the Marz distributors.

    Premier Icon mboy

    cheers mamadirt, have a trade account with Windwave thankfully at work, so when I’m next in I will be on the phone to see if they’ve still got stock, but also keeping my eye out on ebay as I’m not too hopeful they will.

    They’re dead smooth though, although I think the oil height is a bit high in them which isn’t helping either as although the spring rate seems ok, they don’t want to compress any more than about 80mm for me right now.

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