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  • clubber

    I’ll go for the ‘you don’t need them’ option BUT not in the way you’d maybe think.

    I always use crud catchers/guards on my mtbs in winter so I have no fundamental issue with them but I don’t bother on my CX – at least not if riding offroad – for some reason (less tread = less mud held = less mud thrown up?) I just don’t find they’re necessary. On the road (when I swap to road tyres too) I use SKS raceblades.


    I’m trying to find some suitable mudguards for my cross bike.

    i’m not interested in being told I don’t need them. They won’t be on for racing but that’s only a small part of what I’ll be using the bike for. What do you use on the road or for mixed riding?

    I was thinking full length SKS chromoplastics for when I’m on the road with the club (compulsary full length guards in winter) but a bit worried they’ll just get ripped to pieces for offroad sections. They’re not too bad to get on and off once youve got everything set up the first time. For off road touring/canal path pootling with a bit of singletrack is there something that’s easy to put on if needed. I don’t like the clip on full lentgth ones as they rattle and have always seemed to brake in a few moonths riding.

    Are the SKS beavertail style ones up to rough riding?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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