Muc-off on car bodywork?

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  • Muc-off on car bodywork?
  • Premier Icon sam_underhill

    Seems like the perfect product to use as a pre-shampoo clean. Something to shift all the big gritty stuff that I don't want swirled into the paint.

    any reason why not? shouldn't harm anything should it? perhaps use it diluted 50/50 with water?


    Leave some aluminium in a bowl of it overnight, and see what you have left.

    Wouldn't put it near my car, and only use it on bikes if they are really shitty dirty before I have to work on them. Massive acidic overkill for post-ride washing IMO.


    Just go to your local car parts factor & get some TFR if you feel you need to pre-wash before shampooing & conditioning it [or whatever you do to it]


    Wouldn't even put it on my bike frame and definitely not the car. I only ever use it for oil / grease smeared areas….plus it would be a very expensive car wash .

    I've used it no problem on metallic paint although I can't say it made cleaning any better or easier. However on alloys it's gleaming. Does a really good job and gets all the brake dust off easily.


    I've used fenwicks on the car to get rid of flies etc, not sure I'd use muc off tho'……

    Premier Icon sparkerfix

    No problems with it. Been using it for years for cleaning alloys,bikes,motorbikes etc. Cleaning online does a muc off pre wash for car cleaning. Would probarbly recommend waxing though after using it.

    Premier Icon sam_underhill

    cheers all. I've used it on wheels before and it always does a great job of getting stuff off.

    I tried it today after all and, in all honesty it didn't make much difference. I probably chickened out and used it a bit sparingly, and only around the mucky bits. Shan't bother next time, just a thorough house down to loosen all the major muck.

    Sadly someone reversed into my rear bumper after all the hard work cleaning it! twunt.


    muc-off = alien blood

    stopped using it years ago deadly stuff

    Edric 64

    Who washes cars?


    Used it on all my bikes – always dilute it slightly, never had a problem with it. Just don't leave it on overnight and you'll be fine

    Premier Icon santacruzsi

    if you want something as a pre-wash for the car buy some snow foam. It goes onto a dry car, leave it for 5 mins then rinse. Then wash and dry as normal.

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