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  • MTB. 1978-2016. RIP
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    If this prophecy was true, surely we would all be riding motocross bikes, maybe even some of the electric ones. But no we are all still choosing to pedal our steeds and enjoy doing so.

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    the ebike seems to be another option for logical practical reasons – see Martymac’s use of his, but that doesn’t mean that all bikes will become powered, it’ll be an n+1

    Premier Icon raisinhat
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    Sobering thought: e-bikes remove your excuse to eat and drink whatever you want before/during/after a ride. Frankly, the only reason I bother pedaling up a hill is so I can eat haribo at the top.

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    Why do folk get so uptight/upset about ebike’s?

    Stuff like this

    Williams is worried that the current trend in dongling risks a blanket ban on all ebikes, both on and off road.

    “Currently Pedelec electric mountain bikes benefit from the same access rights as normal bicycles, and eBike customers can ride their bikes in the forests and at trail centres all over the UK. As we’re sure you’ll appreciate “dongl’ing” these bikes removes the speed restriction and in the eyes of the law turns the bicycles into a moped, thus meaning they are not allowed to be used anywhere where there is public access (on or offroad).”

    Williams accuses some dealers of selling ebikes with these ‘dongles’ supplied.

    “You must appreciate that there is no where in the UK these bikes can be used legally, and therefore any dealers selling them are promoting the illegal use of eBikes, and in many cases miss-selling products to customers who don’t know the risks they are taking.”

    From somafunk’s post http://singletrackworld.com/forum/topic/so-i-demod-a-scott-spark-e-bike-on-holiday%E2%80%A6%E2%80%A6

    I’m obviously getting the Bosch speed tuning kit to remove the 15mph restriction (why not? ) and the Bosch Nyon computer, needless to say i’m quite excited, roll on January

    Most of the ebike threads seem to have a “remove the restriction” part to them, speed it up make it go faster etc.

    The basic thing about a human powered bike is once the wheel skips out up hill etc. the pedalling stops or slows and thats it, not much more than one revolution. With anything powered it can go further/do more damage.

    You want pedal assist great, you want an electric bike that is basically a moped without the legals around it no thanks and keep them on road at the very least.

    In terms of the good parts I see a load of people riding round hobart commuting on them it’s a great idea, didn’t get annoyed when the middle aged woman on the shopping bike zipped past while heading up the mountain. They have the potential to reduce car journeys, make cities a better place and all that but keep it right and legal.

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    Sobering thought: e-bikes remove your excuse to eat and drink whatever you want before/during/after a ride. Frankly, the only reason I bother pedaling up a hill is so I can eat haribo at the top.

    The above is me. lol

    Im on a fairly tight diet these days to keep the weight off, but after ive been out on a good long ride its great to get home and break it and not feel guilty. Great motivation going uphill as mentioned! 🙂

    Oh, nothing against E Bikes what so ever. Its all good if it gets people out on bikes. 🙂

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    nonoono apparently Ebikes enable one to ride further, faster and to explore newer long forgotten trails and according to a recent study when riding an Ebike ones heart rate is actually higher.

    Bloody work of Satan is what they are.
    not a fan

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    Mum’s partner has got one. He’s been a life long cyclist, but at 70 and the early stage of parkinsons have meant he’s slowed right down and struggled to even keep up with the doddery group on his club road runs. It’s given him a new lease of life and hopefully a few more years on the bike and out with his mates. He also got a dongle, so that he has the option to go a bit faster if he needs it to keep up.

    Until I read that article about dongles, I didn’t really appreciate the negative implications of their potential widespread use off road.

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    Mikewsmith +1

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    I’m 100% with Northwind here.

    Remember they are pedal ASSIST not motorbikes. I’ve demoed a couple – best way I can describe it is like being in my teens again as it boosted my output, rather than almost 40 and starting to feel the effects of 25 years’ worth of riding, racing, crashing and resultant injuries/wear.

    I’d strongly recommend judgement from a position of knowledge, ie a test ride.

    Premier Icon wicki
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    Sooner or later someone on an Ebike will run over a baby and the legislation will flow, I dread the parks paths and trails full of idiots going way to fast in places the would not be able to with out there E assist.

    its a moped

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