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  • Is inappropriate overtaking something that is taught, is it genetic, or was today some kind of coincidental mass PMT session? Jeez, I’m used to the odd comment from a passing vehicle or the occasional daft overtaking manoeuvre, but today’s club ride through Rochdale and Bacup left us feeling that we were being deliberately targeted by the clinically inept. Never have I witnessed such a relentless procession of driving bellendery confined to one ride before.


    Driving standards (whether I was on bike or car) in the NW are the worst I’ve seen anywhere in this country and that includes London.

    Hated living in Rochdale for numerous reasons, this was one

    A pint of Dixons will help you relax.


    If you think Rochdale is bad then do not go as far as Burnley !

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    And what’s wrong with Burnley? 👿

    We’ve just got back from an 18 miler:
    Cant Clough, Hushings, Wind Farm, Green Clough, Cold Comfort Farm, Theiveley Pike, Cliviger, Towneley Park.

    No litter, not one dogshit bag and on the one mile of road we had to ride, the drivers were very considerate.

    Seriously, stay away, it’s awful.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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