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  • hs125

    But then again, I think you can also get a ticket for parking one in a solo motorcycle bay. There was also some debate a while back as to whether or not they are congestion charge exempt. Maybe sticking with two wheels is just easier.


    My CRf230 Honda did 90 to the gallon at A road speeds. the SL230 is the same with road gear and a whopping headlight.
    My current CCM 604 does 50 mpg. Great fun as well but its getting too tall for me and has to go. Looking for a SL.


    The NC700 has half a Honda Jazz engine, so its very economical and is good for commuting and economy, not so good for fun and hoots (so I hear, never ridden one)

    Quantify ‘fun’…..
    If fun is revving the crap out of a 100bhp+ engine and speed speed speed speed SPEED!!!! If you are the sort of rider who equates power with fun, then no. It’s not.

    If, however, you like something pretty unique with genuine charm and character, with light easy handling, that you can ride flat out and not be scared to death then you’ll love it.
    They have masses of grunt in any gear, great brakes with ABS standard and the engine is a gem. Sure, it doesn’t rev high but it’s got a 270 degree crankshaft so it feels like a v-twin (our other bike is a Ducati and I’ll confirm they feel very similar)
    I wanted a light, easy to ride, frugal commuter and it’s fair to say I’ve formed an irrational bond with my NCX. I absolutely love it. I’ve had big powerful bikes and small cheap ones. My favourite was my Monster 696 which I could rev the balls off and always feel In control.
    The NC700X has little bits of all my favourite bikes in it: the torque of our Ducati ST3s, the nimbleness of my CB500s, the burble of my monster and the riding position of my DT125. Add the economy and practicality of my Vespa GT200 and a few things like a brilliant headlight, neat dashboard and a solid build and I’m smitten.
    NC allegedly stands for New Concept. Which it certainly is. I reckon Honda really have made something genuinely new and fresh, and have hit the nail square on the head. 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 41 through 43 (of 43 total)

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