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  • Night ride with a cold – kill or cure?
  • Premier Icon crispo

    Had a stinking cold for the last few days. Feel like I might be starting to come out of it. What’s the general concensus on heading out for a muddy windy night ride!? Is it going to shift the remaining snot or is it going to make me relapse?


    is it out your chest yet ?

    ive had to drive to work today as ive got a stinking chest cold thanks to the folks i was living with in baku last week – they all seemed to have colds.


    Dose up, leg over and get out there. Perhaps stay close to escape routes for home?
    I’ve often thought I might but I have never ever regretted going on a bicycle ride.

    If its a head cold -cure
    If its on your chest best leave it, thats what me granny used to say .


    I always try and go Exercise definitely gives the immune system a helping hand. The only times I ever seem to get colds is if I have an extended period off the bike, or not exercising. I swear it’s that that keeps me healthy while all the folks around me at work have 3 or 4 colds every winter.

    Premier Icon crispo

    It’s more head cold than on the chest. Going to go out for a quick 90mins or so spin and see how it goes.

    Getting my new bike delivered next week so want to make sure I am fighting fit for getting out on that!


    Get out there. I’ve heard for and against arguments but in my experience if you feel like you’re well enough to ride then go for it. Just don’t push yourself I guess, take it easy, listen to your body!


    I always try to go for a ride at the tail end of a cold. It makes me feel better, and I find it helps bring up some of the deeper rooted lumps of phlegm 😀


    +1 get out there. Always seems to help!


    I went for a night ride with a cold 2 weeks back, I now have bronchitis. Could be caused by the ride or it could have been the start of bronchitis anyway, who knows.


    Punch that cold in the face and get on your bike!

    Premier Icon philtricklebank

    Rub some potted meat on your chest and get out there! Make sure you have 3-4 pints afterwards and you’ll feel great in the morning.


    Im with Mr potatohead
    if its in the chest it will get worse, specially on a cold evening
    i try and put somehing clean over my mouth and breathe through it as i think the cold air can make it worse

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    Rub some potted meat on your chest

    You know, the GMC says you oughtn’t give advice on the net these days

    (would crab paste do ? – it’s just that or cheese’n’bacon toast toppers here)


    listen to your body don’t push it.

    Worst case scenario is you could die.


    I tried riding through a head cold 2 weeks ago, it’s only just gone. I reckon had I stayed in and allowed myself to recover, it would have gone in one week, not two. Though I am an old git (i.e. over 50), so maybe it’s worse for us 🙁


    If I’m not well but want to get out I usually go on an easy, steady 60-90min. ride fast enough to keep me warm without breathing through my mouth.
    Usually does the trick, but I’ve pushed it too far once and the result was a few days under the quilt…


    If you need to ask, DON’T go. It can do you more harm than good and a few more days of rest will benefit you.

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