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  • PeterPoddy

    How? What’s to wreck? Maybe you need a torque wrench so you install it properly

    How? Dunno. I always have got through headsets (and rear wheels/hubs) rather quickly, ever since the days of threaded steerers. Any cheap headset will do well if it lasts above a year for me on an MTB. Only King ones have ever been any good for me. I did get a Cane Creek 110 for £29 a while back but it’s on a bike that hardly gets used.
    And where exactly do you use a torque wrench on a headset pray tell? It’s all done by feel is it not? Just nip it down to JUST remove the play. I’m the best mechanic I know, FWIW, as at least 3 people on STW will confirm 🙂

    I only buy my King headsets used though. I’m no mug 🙂

    Just remembered I have an On One headset on my C456 which is about 15 months old and still OK, but that’s an internal top race and a 1.5 bottom, which might help.


    Yeti Big Top Single Speed drop outs………..£120 !
    Yup, £120 for 2 bolt on pieces of alu. Now thats a con for sure !

    Needless to say, I didnt !

    Premier Icon D0NK

    I think dropouts appear to be winning for me, >£100 per side!

    £180 Avid brake body replacement presumably includes labour or does the body really cost more than the full brake? 😯

    The joystick mount I reckon is reasonable, lasts a while and bloody useful. the zipties and plastic block might be a little pricey but £10 isn’t silly money.

    Shimano’s replacements always seem a bit daft, 3 rings cost more than a crankset, jockey wheels, freehubs, etc But is that stupidly priced replacements or very competitive original units?


    What is it with forks? Six or seven years ago, £500 would get you a TALAS with all the bells on it. Now you’re looking at nigh on double that.


    £4,599 for ‘VIRTUAL’ pivot point full sus bike…dare not ask the price of one with a real pivot point 😆


    It’s like 4mm in diameter! Outrageous cost really on something you can lose very easily


    the £80 labour on a fork service.


    Finish Line DOT5.1 brake fluid at £14.99 for 240ml.

    You can get a litre of the stuff in Halfords for £12.99.

    Chain oil and 44t chainrings


    Dura Ace outer chainring. £100


    Any bike lubricant with the words “juice” or “butter” in it’s name to disguise that fact that it shares it’s origins with much cheaper stuff.

    Take Finish Line Teflon Grease – remove the label…ah, White Lightning Pool and Spa Lubricant. So much for being “Formulated for the unique and demanding non-hydrodynamic requirements of a bicycle bearing”.


    PrinceJohn – Member
    Today I was quoted by the bike shop for a new brake lever assembly, for my avid juicy ultimates after the bolt the mount had cracked…


    just for this bit….

    Same thing happened to mine – I think I have another lonely lever somewhere if you are interested…


    The Garmin cable is outrageous

    Premier Icon Northwind

    The Intense dropouts are astonishing, at that price you could actually buy a small milling machine and make your own for less.

    (ok, obviously you’d actually just totally fail to make your own, and get swarf in your eyes to boot, but in theory you could)

    coatesy – Member

    After all these replies I can’t believe nobody has mentioned 9 quid for a small sheet of thin plastic and a little roll of velcro to strap to your fork bridge.Suppose i’d be too embarrassed to bring it up if i’d been mug enough to buy one.

    Weeeeellll… This is where it gets less simple isn’t it. Because sure, everything you say is correct but at the same time, I can’t think of anything else I’ve bought for under a tenner for a bike that’s been so brilliant. VFM is about cost vs benefit as well as cost vs production cost IMO.

    The Garmin cable is a rip, but I believe that their devices are quite flaky when connected to the PC with a normal USB cable. I know mine struggles if it’s not being treated as a USB hard drive on a normal cable. No excuse I know, but I believe that’s what someone might buy that cable.

    Edric 64

    the £80 labour on a fork service.

    I agree with this it took 1/2 hour to service an old pair of Dukes if they have to get sent away for a service I may as well buy new ones


    SRAM powerlink Evans £15.99
    £3.99 for 3 at CRC

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