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  • Most cost effective way to lower gearing (sram XD race face cinch)
  • Been riding the hardtail a bit lately and would like a lower top gear for slow climbing. Most previous bikes were shimano set ups. Hardtail is off the peg SC chameleon.

    Can anyone who has done something similar give any pointers?

    Currently 30 x 10 /42 sram NX 11 speed sram 746 hub race face cranks

    So I can either go smaller on the front ring (race face cinch currently 30 tooth) Im thinking dropping to 26 tooth but obviously spin out a bit in top. Superstar about £30 not sure if the ring is offset.

    Dont want to ditch the fairly new sram NX for eagle but AFAIK sram dont sell a bigger 11 speed cassette than 42 tooth. Where as shimano and sunrace do 46 / 50.

    SO I could change the free hub for a Shimano compatible version hub is sram 746 boost fitting.
    Free about £50 cassette another £70 i guess.

    Anyone got a spare shimano fit free hub or smaller front ring that is compatible let me know.

    I know i can man up etc but im looking to 60 mile bike packing days with big climbs and want to be able to spin.


    Carry less?

    30×42 is pretty low


    I believe SRAM NX cassette already uses a Shimano style freehub.

    Cheers Rich.
    Have to admit I assumed it would be an XD I’ll have a proper look tomorrow. That could be the answer


    If it’s 11-42 then it’s Shimano freehub. XD is all about 10t.
    What about a Shimano 11-46 11spd for the bail out or better spaced 11-42 with a 45/47t one-up or similar
    Dunno if nx 11 has capacity to go to 45+ though?
    Or spendy on a garbaruk 11-48/50 and a cage.

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    Sunrace 11-50t cassette. NX stuff will be on the shimano hub.

    Need More Range On Your 1×11 Drivetrain? We review the enormous 11-50t MX80 cassette from SunRace

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    Will the bike take a front mech ?



    Sram NX cassettes only fit Shimano freehubs, so just buy a Shimano cassette

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    I’d go smaller chain ring – I went down from 32 to 28 and it made a world of difference on the ups. My thinking was if I’m going downhill fast enough to spin out in 28×10 ( mine is a GX cassette) then I’m probably not going to be pedalling!

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    26″ wheels will do the trick… there are loads of them going cheap/free.


    Why drop straight to 26 on the chainring, why not 28? Your current lowest ratio is 30/42 = 0.71 (20.71 Gear Inches) If you swapped out your cassette to a 46T lowest gear (assuming the mech will handle it) then your lowest ratio is 30/46 = 0.65 (18.91 GI). Swap the 30T for a 28T and the lowest ratio is 28/42 = 0.66 (19.33 GI). 26/42 = 0.61 (17.95 GI).

    There’s roughly an 8% difference between your current setup and the first two and a further 5% difference to the 26T.

    I tend to switch between 32T for unloaded riding and 30T for loaded riding and don’t feel the need to have a bigger difference for the two, but obviously that’s personal. This is for the Dales, Lakes and Scotland. We spent easter doing 100km days in Scotland (see PostieRich’s easter thread for photos).

    I think the cheapest and also least fraught solution would be to swap your chainring. So long as you have the removal tool for the Cinch system, same tool as for Shimano Centrelock, then it’s a doddle.


    *coughs* fit a front mech.

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    I have a 28T front ring that was fitted to a raceface aeffect crankset that is for sale if you go the smaller front route.It’s an AB oval in red.Forgot i had it until this moment.

    the chameleon with NX cassette is definately a shimano freehub, i run a sunrace cassette 11-46t and with a 30t it’ll pedal up anything i’m prepared to pedal up,
    it you stuck with your current 30t and upped the cassette then
    30t/46t = 0.65 versus 0.66 on 28t/42t

    just checked i actually have a 32t chainring.
    are you running 29er or 27.5+ i find the fat wheels gets up steeper tech far easier. but overall its much slower and the standard rekon plus tyres are shocking for cornering at speed

    Thanks for the useful info….. just come back from the garage, as i suspected it is an XD driver with a 10/42 11 speed cassette. Thats a bummer as the sunrace cassette option is out the window unless I change the rear hub or free hub.
    Looks like i will have to go for the front chain ring option. The ring is slightly dished so I guess i need a “boost” chain ring. Damn missing old standards now 🙁


    Absolute Black chainrings come in Cinch options one of which is dished for boost/fat bikes. I don’t think it’s any more expensive than the others. £50 – They don’t do round chainrings for Raceface Cinch though.

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