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    Just remembered a gnarly trail down gravelanche but I think it’s gone. Chainsaw massacre iirc.

    Speaking of gravelanche you can drive a Volvo 850 estate down it….


    Right, We’re back!

    Had a great trip, raining on the first day, which was great fun, otherwise it was sunny and hot.

    In the rush to get ready I only brought DH tyres, and coupled with the lack of buy in from the others in the group, didn’t end up doing Col Du Coux after all the fuss!

    However, we did do lot of the other suggestions including Porridge, which was absolutely brilliant fun, so loose and steep!

    Found some other off piste between Canyon and the Golf Course which was also very good. A couple of the lines there were being forested literally as we rode down so keep an eye out on those.

    Took a couple detours on Pleney and found some other lines too which were good. The one suggested to keep going straight where the track comes out into the open on the black and continues left had a big ‘Privee’ sign on it so we didn’t do that one.

    Did the Linderets stuff which we didn’t do last year and was by a far and away the best official stuff we found so far in the PDS, natural, rocking and long runs. Loved it.

    Thanks for all the help, made the trip pretty much perfect in terms of the style of stuff we rode, was great to do more than the standard ‘berm-jump-berm-jump’ stuff 😀

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    Word on the street (I got back from M yesterday) col du cou is shut – lots of trees down from the recent storms

    Did it a couple of days ago and was totally clear

    Did col De bassachaux too. 90% great but the very last section was absolutely terrifying. Any alternatives to avoid the rocky section.we did it in the wet and it wasn’t fun


    I rode the Bassachaux route a few years ago with my eldest, then aged 14. We were both quite relieved to make it to the tarmac. I remember some steeeeeeep drops!

Viewing 4 posts - 41 through 44 (of 44 total)

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