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  • cynic-al

    My shed arrived and a new life chapter begins 🙂


    1. I’m told creocote is the best treatment (there’s none on yet), thoughts?

    2. I’m thinking or pressure treated spars to lift it off the ground. There are some (untreated) on the underside of the floor already. My idea is to run them perpendicular to each other to aid airflow, it’s in the corner of a patio, with walls on both sides. Sensible? Easy to buy at timber merchants?

    3. Do I need to re-point between slabs underneath the shed, or will weeds continue to grow in darkness?



    1. Is creocote still available? Plenty of other less harmfull treatments around, which may not be quite as good.
    2. Bricks or slabs?
    3. no. They need light, and if any get up the sides you can kill there. Unless its Japanese knotweed or similar hardy little f£$%£er then your in trouble.




    I used Protek Wood Stain on my shed. Seems to be pretty good so far. Creosote was banned years a go.

    I also used bearers running perpendicular to those that are on the underside already. This was on top of the flat level brickwork ‘base’ that I put it on. Better to get air circulation and further height for protection in my opinion. They’re a bugger to replace if you need to in the future otherwise.

    Hope that helps


    Cheers. Creocote is the new creosote.


    Put a roll of damp proof /roof felt etc etc between shed bottom and the spars and keep them inside the edge of the shed to stop them getting dripped on etc. Try the set it up so you can lift shed with bars/scaffold poles to replace sacrifice battens

    Real pros use a diesel/oil and tar mix

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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