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  • Monocular?
  • Premier Icon miky2341
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    So my dad wants a monocular for his birthday and I’ve no idea about them. Binoculars don’t work as he struggles with his vision. Anyone use one? Any suggestions for a sub £150 monocular?


    Premier Icon ElShalimo
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    Opticron do some nice ones under that budget

    Premier Icon slowoldman
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    Lord Charles

    Premier Icon CountZero
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    They’re handy little things to carry around, I’ve got one that cost £55, IIRC,  I bought it in London Camera Exchange in Bath, it’s a Vortex Solo, 8×25. For £150 you ought to be able to get something really good. Uttings do a decent range, the Vortex one is £59, but there are a range of others up to £148.

    Premier Icon mav12
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    Opticron bga 8×42 iv had mine about 15 years dropped it loads of times still works perfect they are about £140

    Premier Icon Bullet
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    We have a Hawke monocular for occasional use. Really clear image and easy to use. Would recommend it.×42-monocular-1663098/

    Premier Icon miky2341
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    Thanks guys!

    Premier Icon Davesport
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    Can recommend the Hawke endurance. I’ve had mine for nearly three years & it’s been great. Small enough to carry around easily & crystal clear image.

    Premier Icon derek_starship
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    I also have the Hawke Endurance. It’s very good.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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