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  • Monkey Trail – where did I go wrong?
  • scu98rkr

    First climb up the gravel hill. When your at the top head left continuing up slightly(not right on the short cut). Then head into a twisty turny bit by the sub station

    The trail twists and turns for a bit over a few jumps then you come to a little clearing and it points follow the dog right monkey left.

    The there is a little "link" section which twists done the hill. You then get to another gravel track (kit bag hill).

    Monkey trail is pointed up left over the railway line. Real Monkey trail starts over the railway line.

    The monkey trails is sooo different from follow the dog.

    Oh, cock – well, if it's up to the standard of the new stuff that I actually managed to find, then I'll be back there soon. 😳

    Premier Icon iain1775

    at the huge signboard in a little clearing half way through section 8
    (just before it starts to climb the switchbacks to the little wooden ramp)
    One Giant flag points to Monkey, one points to FtD
    Kind of hard to miss to be honest

    So I rode FTD today up until the point where the trail appears to be closed (big pile of branches n stuff across the top of nice speedy, rutted descent about halfway round), and the red arrows now lead across the road and into the Tackeroo caravan site, and then onto SWEET new section back to the car park. Having discovered, since I got home that this is in fact not the Monkey trail, can someone please tell me where the **** it leaves FTD?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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