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  • Monday Morning Debrief 46 – Hello 'prufen my old friend…
  • PJM1974

    Saturday was a write-off here too, I intended to go for a ride and/or a run but I wound up watching the rain and eventually throwing in the towel.

    Sunday wasn’t much better, for the trails down my way are extremely chalky. Thanks to all the rain, it’s a slippy-slidey battle to keep the bike moving forwards and descending is a grip lottery.

    I’ve bought myself a running machine to keep myself occupied during the wet & dark months in anticipation of still being relatively fit come Spring.

    Sat . Work as the weather was awful and had a few important jobs to complete, which i didn’t.

    Sun. FWCC inters ride 43miles and no punctures in our group . Did a TTT attempt but it fell down due to my weary legs. Beautiful day in hampshire , zero clouds and a bright blue sky. The mud can sod off for the next 4 months. Just not interested in slogging my way through gloop and puddles

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    billy no mates riding in the rain saturday

    riding in the sunshine sunday

    Friday: Nine uplifts up Antur Stiniog and down the blue and red.
    Saturday: Nine uplifts up Bike Park Wales and all the trails bar a few of the black sections ridden.
    Sunday: A lap of Swinley plus a play in the jump gulley with a massive hangover and hands/forearms still hurting from two days of uplift on a hardtail!

    An awesome and very sociable weekend of riding! It rained every night and all the trails we rode were wet but bar one brief shower it didn’t rain on us at all – how unlikely is that in Wales in November?! Bloody miracle, as was about ten of us doing three days of challenging riding and hardly anyone falling off and no bad crashes at all. Glad I was fullfaced, goggled and armoured up for the uplift days even if I was on a silly little bike. 😉

    P.S. Antur is gnarly! And comparing old and current videos, a lot rougher everywhere now than when it opened (which is good, it’s a DH centre, it should be rough!) On my penultimate run I almost let go involuntarily when hitting the rock gardens at speed and had to mince them the final time down…

Viewing 4 posts - 41 through 44 (of 44 total)

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