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  • Dave

    here’s ours

    Monday Morning Debrief 46

    Did you make the most of the weekend?

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    A chilly, tad grotty 37 mile road ride on Sat follwed by a blast of Cannock Chase and F.T.D on glorious sunny Sunday. Had a few pints of ale then watched Country File with *Julia Bradbury – in a bin bag – riding some trails on the Chase 🙂 *Still would tho 😀


    Did a coastal route, Plymouth to Wembury, and back on the coast path. Those climbs hurt on the SS, I’d forgotten how steep it is in places.


    Up early Saturday to try & finish Operation Pond Fill with a simple patio overlay.
    A mate came over to help and we got a fair bit done.
    Chucked in a bulk bag of hardcore (the second one), plus a load of rubble from de-constructing the old pond. Still not enough so went to local builders merhcants for another load of hardcore. Laid that. Whacked it down.
    Got just over halfway with laying the slabs.

    No help Sunday so everything took twice as long. Went OK until I got to the last edge where I realised if we’d have used a slightly smaller gap between slabs, they would have fitted in perfick. As it was I had to split the slabs along that edge. The other slabs I’d split had all gone without too much bother; by no means a perfect edge, but they split in the general direction required and in the general position.
    BUT, the last three slabs were a complete disaster and had me on the edge of a nervous breakdown. Ended up laying them in broken bits; I just couldn’t ge them to split properly and was slowly losing the will to live.

    Got about 2/3 of the way across with the pointing before giving up after 9hrs; a broken mess.

    Going to finish the pointing tonight (weather permitting). Can’t wait for the first heavy downpour to show up just how uneven it’s been laid!
    I hate DIY.

    No cycling. 😥


    Drinking in Oxford for a friends 30th on Saturday. There’s some lovely little pubs down there.

    Rough on Sunday so no riding.

    Premier Icon BillOddie

    Got out early on Saturday with my brother who was visiting from Cardiff and the normal lot.

    Trails were a little soggy and slippy but everything had that perfect golden Autumn light.

    [pic robbed from Phil Pryor]


    Busy saturday, and a christening on Sunday, so only sneaked out for the quickest of rides on Sunday morning, quick 14 mile muddy blast on some local trails. First ride I’ve done in the daylight for a couple of weeks. It was fun. The 1/2 hour bike clean afterwards wasn’t though.


    A muddy FoD for jumps and drops coaching, snakebites from trying to learn manual bunny hops whilst tired the only injury.


    Clatterin’ Brig, Charr bothy, Clachnaben (the lump in the distance) and back over Cairn O’Mount yesterday


    Got into an argument with the wife on Saturday night about going out first thing on sunday morning for a measley two hours while the wife wanted us to do housework…. I looked at the sunshine through the window while hoovering & then mopping 🙁 made up for it by making us all a lovely roast pork with roast tatos for tea at 5 and then went out with my mate for a night ride 8-11, great ride, some awesome hills and some sloppy claggy mud, clear dry night, was great.


    Cannock Saturday which was an absolute shitfest after Friday’s rain I just pottered round

    Went again yesterday with some company and a few detours to increase the fun factor much much better

    Bike is in the shed unwashed I might take a brew in and have a look at it tonight

    Premier Icon SimonR

    First time out on the bike after a 3 month lay-off with a bust shoulder. Only a road ride and felt like my lungs were going to explode but just so good to be out and pedalling around the Derbyshire Dales 😀

    Premier Icon yetitony

    Had a great ride down the local abandoned train tracks, into Hatfield forest for a bacon buttie. Decided to hit all the knwon muddy sections and not use the wimpy road sections. Hence the mudfest!

    Mudfest by Yeti Tony, on Flickr

    The Ti 456 in need of a clean. by Yeti Tony, on Flickr


    Built up a new Blue Pig, I can’t ride it for another six weeks or so because of a busted shoulder.


    after 5 hours of drinking at the Woking Beer festival, I had five hours sleep then bashed out 50 cold and hungover miles on the road bike. across central London and down to Richmond Park for a few laps before it got stupidly busy and annoying.
    A satisfying self-flagellating ride.

    Had a great spin up here in North Wales on the Fat bike

    Enjoy 🙂

    Premier Icon mcnultycop

    Was going to go out on my new roadie, but I managed to screw the thread up on the LH crank (on the phone whilst doing it, not concentrating) and the LBS was shut.

    I’ve not ridden for 3 weeks due to holidays and work so just rode local trails on the Canyon. This turned out being the most unremarkable ride I’ve had in ages, not quick, not particularly slow, didn’t fall off, didn’t get chased by dogs.

    I’m going to go somewhere exciting next weekend – Lee or Gisburn.

    Premier Icon psling

    Great 5 hour ride in the Elan Valley area yesterday, in glorious sunshine but wet under wheel 8)

    There were quite a few out; ‘hi’ if you were one of them!


    In the form of Biku

    Great ride, stupid crash,
    Burst camelback, dented pride,
    Today body aches.


    Didn’t fancy the rain on Saturday (I’m from the south) so I went to my mrs’ yoga class for the first time. Turns out its more of a work out than a three hour bike ride! Arms still ache a bit today….


    20 miles round Hayfield and over to Mellor early on Saturday though I forgot how muddy some of Hayfield gets when it’s been p***ing down.

    Dropped on with the weather though as it was actually lovely in the morning- got home just before the thunderstorm and hail shower.

    Hardly saw anyone except one guy who appeared from nowhere and left me for dead halfway down fox clough (I think it’s called) so hello to you if you’re on here.


    Successfully didn’t kill myself racing City Cross at The Piece Hall in Halifax, fantastic fun and excellent racing all round

    Premier Icon ir_bandito

    Freezing cold ride first thing saturday morning with son #1 along the Tyne whilst the wife ran with son #2 in the pushchair.

    No other riding all weekend, but I did manage to get on with some long-term bike jobs: removed, cleaned and flipped my Rohloff sprocket with the aid of a bench vice and scaffold pole, completed my adaption of a USE/Exposure handlebar mount so I can fix my Revo to my fork-crown with the QR function, AND built my new bolt-thru dynamo wheel (to be trued tonight)

    Premier Icon Drac

    A day with my girls on Saturday as the Mrs went out for the day and then worked overtime Sunday so I could out back in the bank what the Mrs spent on Saturday. I had a very good day at woks yesterday for once getting the chance to do my job properly and for what I’m meant for.


    Work and back twice. Livin’ the dreeeeam!

    @danielgroves, there is a big segment (big as in 15 miles long) on strava which will show you some of the several rather cheeky but twiddly ways back to Plymouth from Wembury without retracing your cheeky coastpath way out there. Woods behind reddicliff close have some lovely little lines in them, a few different ways to get from one side to the other, and even some proper doubles in there somewhere, and they hold up pretty well in bad weather too.

    Premier Icon fathomer

    No riding Saturday, concrete smashing followed by rugby watching.

    Sunday, me and the wife ventured up to the Peaks and did the Misty Marple ride from the V-Publishing Dark Peak book. Good ride, great scenery and lovely weather. Even saw Josh Bryceland out on a demo ride, very friendly he is.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    A cold, muddy and sunny Saturday afternoon ride from Dunblane, via Darn Path, to Bridge of Allan. A potter round mine woods, and a final scoot across the carse to pick up the car from the office. All with two eldest OAB’s leading the way. Teh awesome. 8)
    Sunday – had to call off a trip to Comrie Croft, so had a wander locally in stunning sunshine and ice. Lovely

    Premier Icon FOG

    Rode near Matlock up some v. big hills which were slippy with frost and ice early on but fantastic views off the tops. Managed to keep feet dry until the furthest point where a lane with ice covered huge puddles soaked the shoes and feet!

    Premier Icon danrandon

    Decided i’d just have a quick ride round the blue at Hick Lodge (national forest cycle centre) in leicestershire. All was going well until in a fast section with a jump into a berm came face to face with two ramblers in the middle of the berm. (trail is marked one way cycleists only). Managed to take evasive action and shot over the top of the berm to avoid hitting them. Luckily only a damaged ego and a slightly buckled front wheel.

    After picking myself up I politely informed them of the status of the trail, i was told i was going to fast and to **** off in no uncertain terms. Needless to say not a happy bunny. Also pointed out that a less experienced rider would have mowed them down and could have caused them serious injury.

    Some people eh?

    Premier Icon lapierrelady

    Cut Gate special on Sunday. Absolutely glorious, and deserted. Winning!


    Hillingdon Points Grabber race Saturday, Club Hill Climb yesterday. Nothing off-road this weekend, will be next instead.

    Decided i’d just have a quick ride round the blue at Hick Lodge (national forest cycle centre) in leicestershire

    It’s a nice course. Must take my nephew around there again very soon (lives in Ashby). Some people eh? Hope the wheel can be trued out.

    Premier Icon woody2000

    Having hurt my neck cleaning my teeth (yes, really!), I too am dosed up with Ibuprofen and feeling sorry for myself. So, no riding as such this weekend, but I did go to watch Citycross on Sat and I did take the bike to the park with the kids yesterday for a bit of messing about.

    Premier Icon scandal42

    Naughty naughty BillOddie 😆

    Premier Icon Sanny

    Glorious day yesterday. Went for a local ride in the Campsies. Slipped on the ice on my steps going out of the house…………avoided a fall on the ice on my ungritted street……..started to really get into the ride taking a few pics and revelling in the sunshine……….Back brake was playing up then decided to fail completely mid ride….as I was on a steep grassy descent…and my front wheel slipped out…and I frantically grabbed at the non working Avid Elixir brake….and went down like a sack of spuds….dead leg from going full bore into the end of my bars while the other end planted in the ground…..damaged front shifter….lots of swearing….followed up with over 10 mile ride to get home. The brake has now been stripped from the bike and will be fixed using a credit card and a bin……… 😀 Is it just me or are Elixir brakes just sh1t?

    Still, I’m glad I wasn’t on the road sooner as I came across one of those teeny superminis on it’s roof at the top of Mugdock Hill. The same three way junction did for a lovely pair of shorts a couple of January’s ago when I used my hip as a brake on black ice in the dark only to get up to see a Range Rover on two wheels which had found the ice before me. Good to see that East Dunbartonshire Council still don’t grit that section of road………. 😯

    Premier Icon FOG

    No Sanny, they are.


    Exploring the local woods on Saturday and a good blast around Laggan on Sunday. Glorious weather but quite cold. Watch out for the boardwalk at Laggan – it is tres slippy. One of the scariest crashes for a while… Strava made me do it 🙁

    Premier Icon Ming the Merciless

    Loving the fixing of faults with credit card and bin :D. Nothing Saturday, it fell down, so did 7 mile walk with the hounds instead after rain became merely heavy rather than torrential.

    Sunday, broke out the one speed and was 9 miles into the ride climbing up the Eastbourne mile (back complaining bitterly at this point) when the phone rang and the Man from Oncall was required to go and wiggle random wires till an important bit of the railway started working again.

    Premier Icon dawson

    Ace ride in the sun on Saturday from Ladybower – Hagg Farm, Roman Road, Jaggers clough, Mamtor, back over Jaggers Clough, Potato Alley, and finished with Lockerbrook descent.

    some bright autumnal colours on the banks of Ladybower.

    Premier Icon martinhutch

    Went to Whinlatter for a couple of hours not realising the duathlon was on, did the north loop with a couple of inches of snow in places, then joined a snake of puffing competitors slipping and sliding up the south loop. Nice to be able to sit and eat flapjack on the rocky top looking at glorious views of Derwentwater while they had to sweat onwards.

    Then crashed at speed on the slippery wooden bridge on the blue.


    Jeeze it pissed it down on Sat here in that Lonjon so we ended up bumming around until mates called and we headed over to Slone Sq for supper, Sunday broke early and we headed off to Chatham Marine to look at a boat and had a wander around the mud flats afterwards, then beers in the local and an argument to finish off a very mediocre w/e.
    I’m riding all next w/e, so not too bothered, but I must do a couple of bimbles to the bike which I will enjoy whilst listening to some tunes and throwing some shapes.
    Oh, I had a call form nephews in R’ogate who thanked me for thier birthday prezzies.. not bad that.
    So an overall 😐

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