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  • So t’other day I saw a set of cranks in CRC’s Autumn (spring on uk site) sale which is still on going. Enquired about that them as no BB size specified, both by email and as a question on the site. Couple of days pass, price still at 51% off sale price. Receive an answer to the query and lo the price has magically jumped up that day by $200. Now I wonder if this is a co-incidence seeing as this is the second time this has happened.

    Emailed crc on enquiring about the price change and got the generic ‘sales end, prices change we are really competitive with out postage, why not sign up to our email and not miss out on the next sale’ generic email.
    I didn’t miss out on the sale, you just removed the item I had in my basket for three days waiting for a answer on fairly simple information that should have been in the product info anyway from the sale that is still on going…

    One previously loyal customer. Grrrrr


    You need to change your name now 😉


    Can you insert an “h” in your title still? Sorry, it’s bothering me.


    Mhoderate CRC winge? 😆


    Now I wonder if this is a co-incidence seeing as this is the second time this has happened.

    Definitely a conspiracy!

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    Too late now but you can return anything for free via any Collect+ shop, so it would have been best to just go ahead and buy it.

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    what timmys said ^


    Used the collect+ service a few weeks back for a return, have to say very nicely surprised.


    I missed out by a day on their voucher code for an additional 10% off protection. Emailed them, they said place the order and we’ll refund 10%.

    Top service.

    Maybe try explaining again, you might have caught someone in a ‘can’t be arsed; its friday’ mood?

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    Buy first, ask questions later.


    XT Crank by any chance?

    I couldn’t be bothered to wait for them to approve the question and then await a response so I called them and it is included, despite explicitly stating in the sales blurb that it isn’t….then mentioning the specs of the bottom bracket that isn’t included and that the bottom bracket that isn’t included should be fitted by a professional!

    In Australia. Rather a long round trip to the nearest collect+ box…

    Was a SixC chainset. Just need to confirm if it was 83mm or 68/73mm.

    Sorry about the ‘ Whinge’ in the title using satellite Internet on the desert to moan on STW and it dropped out and 15min edit window had passed by the time it re-found the satellite!


    Hippy I brought a next sl crank in the sale.
    They sell the cinch Bb bsa sizing but not the tool.
    I too emailed asking about the Bb tool as I was spending over £400 on a crank and Bb and wanted the tool to install it.
    Never replied.
    I ended up calling them as I didn’t want to miss the sale. They were OK on the phone but basically said if it’s not listed we don’t sell it.
    I told them that was crap service selling a £35 quid Bb and £350 crank but not the tool to install it. Frankly they didn’t care.

    Bought it from Evans online.

    I like crc and normally no issue but went spending money like that a flippant nature to enquiries really gets my goat.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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