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  • Hopk1ns

    Also is that the standard or wide angle camera?


    Mine only took 5 days to arrive from eletoponline

    Settings… there is lots of tweaking to be done if you want, so far all I have done is turn up the saturation and sharpness a little bit.

    I purchased helmet, bar and suction mounts. As you say a little bit agricultural but they work ok. I did purchase a cheap mini ball head to allow some more flexibility with mounting angles as the mounts didn’t quite go to the angles I wanted when on the bike.

    Haven’t got around to trying iMovie on a Mac yet so still using Windows Movie Maker 2012 at the moment. I did try conversion using Handbrake but it didn’t make much difference tbh. It’s not that important as I am never going to be making epic gnarly mtb movies but I would just like to solve this quality degradation problem when uploading to flickr/vimeo/youtube etc.

    @ Hopk1ns I have the standard lens.

    Been a bit busy lately but must get out and do some more testing soon.


    Thanks for the info. Think im going to order one


    Cheers Muke.

    Mine arrived today.

    I had to download the latest firmware and use SDFormatter to be able to record but once I’d done that it was all pretty easy to set-up. I’m using MGR app that someone on an RC forum designed to change the settings on my Mac.

    I’ve been dicking around with it for an hour and thus far I’m quite impressed – just the ticket for my upcoming Les Gets / Morzine trip in July.


    Just a warning that the latest firmware is not always the best due to minor bug issues, it fixes some issues and occasionaly creates new ones depending on what settings you want to use. I often switch between versions to get the best results. The Mobius thread on that RC plane forum is good but could do with tidying up a bit so it’s easier to find the info you want.
    Happy filming.

Viewing 5 posts - 41 through 45 (of 45 total)

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