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  • Yetiman

    I’ve run both on hardtails (Prince Albert and Blue Pig),and I preferred the Alberts. Both are good, but I preferred the handling characteristics of the Alberts, which had a more progressive slip point. I’ve always found High Rollers and Minions to be a bit ‘snappy’ on the limit, but that’s just my 2p worth, for all that’s worth.



    I’ve got a Fat Albert front triple nano 2.4″ folding that I used for 2 short rides so in excellent condition. I’m in the process of sorting a ‘broken home fire sale,’ so need to shift loads of stuff. Happy to post it for £10 if you fancy.


    I use and like both, but I think the Fat Albert are a bit better because of the larger volume.

    I got myself a Maxxis High roller, was advised by a friend to put it on the rear and get a Maxxis Minion on the front, another friend couldn’t recommend Schwalbe Fat Alberts on the front enough! Ive seen a site where I can get both for the same price, wanted to know if anyone has any experience of the 2 and what would you recommend? Its mainly natural trails and a bit of trail centre riding on a hard tail.

    Premier Icon tomaso

    How both tyres feel will be down to the compound as they are both aggressively grippy tyres and will work. However, how you feel about them is your business and totally subjective.

    I had both and they were both good. But I’ve stuck with Minions and only had 1 Fat A.

    An alternative for the front would be a Chnky Monkey from On One for £19.99

    Premier Icon woody2000

    I like the Fat Albert but find it occasionally disconcerting – the knobs are really tall and the tyre has a tendency to roll on them a little, leading to a slight feeling of grip being lost then returning. I like the volume and reasonably low weight, but on balance I think the Minion is a better & more predictable tyre (IMO!)

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Fat Albert is bigger and that for me is where it’s good points end, it doesn’t do anything better with it’s bigger volume.

    With having the high roller on back, may opt for minion front, then try alberts front and rear afterwards to compare. On a side note, when looking at minions, im seeing “minion DHr” and “minion DHf” might be a noob question but do they stand for down hill front and down hill rear?

    Premier Icon muggomagic

    down hill front and down hill rear

    Correct. I’ve used DHF front and rear in the past. Now use specialized butcher front (minion clone) and purgatory rear.

    Premier Icon stevied

    DHF for front although the new DHR2 is pretty darn good as a front tyre too..
    EXO sidewall is also a good consideration if running tubeless as they are like a 1.5 ply

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    Fat Albert – run front and back specific on a Cove Stiffee FR. Fun and good on loamy tracks/trails.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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