michelin tyres – any good? ghetto tubeless ok?

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  • michelin tyres – any good? ghetto tubeless ok?
  • jonba

    They are cheap on CRC.

    Looking at the folding Grip’r ones. Should I spend a bit more and get some I know or are they worth the money? I was going to run them ghetto tubeless so if you know if this works or not it would be good.



    I’ve run some. Ghetto tubeless’d easier than any other tyre I’ve tried but on the downside they were rubbish tyres with zero grip- they’re a very hard compound.

    I’ve got the XC something-or-other 29er tyres running ghetto tubeless.
    They’re not noticeably better or worse than any other mud tyre I’ve tried.
    I hadn’t noticed that they’re a particularly hard compound. Even if they are, doesn’t that just mean less rolling resistance on the hard stuff and no difference in grip in mud, where it’s tread pattern rather than compound, that counts.


    Mixed experiences with Michelin:

    1, Country Dry Wire 2.0″, £4 at Decathlon 3 years ago and well worth it for dry trails.

    2, Country Mud Wire 2.0″, £5 at Decathlon same time (£14 now) and excellent as a rear winter tyre, but draggy and noisy on tarmac even at high pressure.

    3, Country Trail XCR 2.0″ Folding, came with a used wheel. Utter shi*e, virtually devoid of grip and too sketchy to keep. Immediately scrapped. Saw a rider in France drift one of these whilst he fell and fractured his ankle.

    4, Country Mud XCR 2.0″ Folding running tubeless, on a friend’s NRS in France. Excellent in all conditions, even on tarmac. Recommended, but proving impossible to replace.


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    Run Wild Grip’rs all the time (except in current deepest mud where they’re a bit shit). For me best all-round tyres I’ve ridden since my precious old Evil Twins.

    No idea about ghetto tubeless with them though.

    slainte 🙂 rob

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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