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  • Michael Bonney
  • Premier Icon scotroutes

    I know many of the forum users don’t bother to look at the front pages, so I’ll post this here..

    Tributes pour in as industry legend Michael Bonney says final goodbye on Facebook

    No words really.

    Premier Icon Houns

    Brave, brave man. Utterly heart breaking. Hope the trails are always dry and downhill for him

    Premier Icon iainc

    Read this on FB a few hours ago, so sad.. 😞

    Grim, just grim.  Brave man.

    Premier Icon salad_dodger

    Wow. Incredible chap and very lucky to have such wonderful family and friends to support him. Tough read that was.

    Premier Icon franksinatra

    I can’t even begin to imagine how I would cope with either the enormity of his accident, the challenges he has faced since or the decision he has just made. I could only hope to be able to do so with as much dignity and eloquence as he has displayed. Totally tragic.


    That’s a sobering read. Life can be shit at times. Good luck on your journey to the other side.

    Premier Icon kayak23

    Amazing and so humbling.


    Good night. Peace to you and your loved ones.

    Premier Icon scuttler

    God I only hope I have that strength of character if I ever find myself in such a situation. RIP Michael.

    Premier Icon Trimix

    Thats quite upsetting.

    I shall stop moaning about stuff and remember the things he said next time Im feeling down / lazy / annoyed about my first world problems / complaining about the weather or work or pretty much anything.


    What Trimix said, my problems are really nothing more than first world gripes.

    I would only hope to one day be able to find a 10th of the character in myself that Michael and Linzi has endured over the last 6 and a half years. I hope you find peace.


    Very sad indeed … but a really grim place to be

    Premier Icon Trimix

    I shall go for a bloody good bike ride this weekend and have a think about what he said. All you are left with are mates and memories.

    Premier Icon neil the wheel

    Terribly sad news. Condolences to his family and friends.


    Lost for words. I remember reading about Michael’s accident and until now had completely forgotten about it.

    Exemplary courage and strength and fluidity in his thoughts.

    Ride on forever Michael.

    my condolences to michael ‘s family and friends

    i hope you are in a better place now.

    Premier Icon scotroutes

    It’s a small thing, but it’s a shit day here and I’ve spent the morning pondering how wet it is. News of Michael came through and I just thought “**** it, it’s only rain”, so I’ve spent a couple of hours splashing through puddles and thinking how grateful I am that I still have the choice to do so.

    Premier Icon Andy_K

    Sounds like he did well to put up with it for over 6 years. May he be fondly remembered by all who knew him.

    Premier Icon jamj1974

    I hope he has found peace.  A brave man both to carry on for so long but then to also know when to quit.

    So sad that part of his decision was based on failure of the system to provide adequate care…

    Never met the bloke but I read that at work today and it broke me a bit. It put my own moaning and whinging into perspective.

    Totally understand his decision.

    Premier Icon Drac

    Inspiring in his industry and inspiring in his farewell.


    Met him quite a few times through work, a lovely guy, will be missed by many.

    Didn’t know him but felt like I did a bit as he was a font of knowledge about all things early Orange on retrobike having been with the company from the start. Always happy to give us Luddites the information we craved along with stories of the early days.

    Just hideous what happened to him, absolutely desperate. Ride free and happy wherever you end up Michael.

    Premier Icon bikebouy

    Hmmm… I read all of that.

    A decent honest evaluation of the situation he has endured from his point of view. Fabulous, heartbreaking but fabulous.

    Premier Icon duncancallum

    Proper strength of character.

    There by the grace of God….

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    Ooft, that’s hard to read.

    Premier Icon Wookster

    How desperately sad. What a great post and goodbye. Thoughts with his family and friends.

    Premier Icon hot_fiat

    That is truly sad. I have no words. My thoughts go out to Linzi and his family.

    Premier Icon batfink

    Jesus **** – what terrible news. Am in awe of his strength and dignity, even to the last

    There by the grace of God….

    Exactly this…. reminds you of how fleeting and random life is.


    Following his story on FB last few years and thought although it was a tragic event he shows great courage and a positive attitude. Made me think if I, a friend or family member was in the same situation, there may still be hope for a future.

    Then I read this yesterday and it hits home how hard it really has been. Was a hard thing to read and can only hope he finds peace and thoughts to his family and friends.

    As already said, it’s sad his comments about issues with care.

    Premier Icon senor j

    Sad, but an end of suffering has to be better.
    What a dignified way to bow out. Fair play.

    Premier Icon mucker



    RIP Michael. A very frank post and very hard to read. Gives perspective on life and making the sure its lived to the fullest.

    Premier Icon Digby

    Met him very briefly many years ago – top bloke.

    Found it very difficilt to read his post yesterday, but at the same time his positive attitude, honesty, and it has to be said his cracking sense of humour and perspective shone through!



    It just shows that whilst his body may have let him down, he had the mental strength and fortitude to make a decision none of us will ever want to have to take. He fought a very brave battle and whilst i am not a religious man, if there is a God, he is about to receive one of the good ones.

    Premier Icon Mary Hinge

    Fabulous and sad in equal measure.

    Best wishes to all left behind.

    if there is a God, he is about to receive one of the good ones.

    Very true but he won’t see much of him co we all know where Micheal will be.
    Out on the bike!

    I was waiting for some disabled kids to come out of school (not what it sounds) when I read about it on FB. Couldn’t read it all cos I can’t drive a minibus with tears in my eyes….

    Talk about perspective.

    Ride in peace, Michael.

    Premier Icon granny_ring

    WOW, what a brave man.
    RIP sir.

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