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  • Premier Icon mboy

    Ok so got a problem with the little buggers. Don’t know how or why, but have a mouse/mice in my shed. Shed is the other end of a 100ft long garden from the house, nothing really down there except I suppose it’s close to the veg patch. But definitely got at least one mouse in my shed cos the bugger has nibbled a huge chunk out of an Ultegra hood, and bits off an ODI rogue grip! I’m just hoping that he’s not had a nibble on my tyres… 😕

    Best way to get rid? Permanently?

    poison is the only really effective way. or get a moggy or 2

    Premier Icon mboy

    Cat is out of the question sadly. If it was my own house, not rented, I’d already have at least one!

    Not liking the idea of poison, dead mice stinking the shed out from under the floorboards! 😕 Think I’m gonna have to totally empty the shed, and then find out where they’re coming in too.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Poison – they wander off and die
    Traps – Need to catch them and dispose of them

    Think I’m gonna have to totally empty the shed, and then find out where they’re coming in too.

    And then what? Put up a sign?? They can get through very small holes unless your shed is watertight then they will find a way.

    The only other option to you is to leave them be.

    Here is what you need….



    We leave ours alone and on the whole they dont cause any trouble.


    The only other option to you is to leave them be.

    This OR mice traps. Personally, I’d just leave em.

    Premier Icon Nick

    They piss and shit on everything so you can’t leave them where you will come into contact with them, a combination of poison and traps worked when we had rats near our chickens.

    Premier Icon mboy

    They piss and shit on everything

    AND eat my bloody bikes! 🙁

    Where do I get new OEM style hoods for my Ultegra 6700 STI’s?


    We’ve had a few in our house in the last month or so. The OH is petrified of them so they had to go, but i couldn’t kill them so i bought a couple of live traps from homebase. A little nutella in the end (they loves it) and bingo! then i drop them off in the field across the road. My mum got us a little sonic thing that plugs into the socket and it supposed to keep them away. I was sceptical but i think it actually works as we had none for a couple of weeks until i unplugged it the other night and the next evening we had another. The traps were away and it took a good hour to catch it with an empty Ferrero Rocher box. They’re nimble, quick and very good at hiding.

    Edited after reading below – i’m not a tramp and our house is clean but we live beside a lot of fields 😀

    traps – don’t agree with poison, and they do end up dying in hard to reach places. the usual poison is designed to thin the blood, which in turn makes them feel cold, so they end up dead in a nice, warm place – ready to stink to high heaven. We had quite a lot in the pub when we first got it, mainly due to poor hygene with previous tenants – took about 4 months to get rid.

    if it’s in a she @ the end of the garden, I’d either leave em be or use a trap – then you know when you’re getting the better of them.


    Get down your hardware store and buy 3 cheap old fashioned traps (there’s never just one mouse ime), bait it with gooey caramel (little **** can’t resist it) should trap enough to make a pair of mouse skin slippers, mmmm toasty.


    Get 10 ‘little nippers’ off eBay, the modern plastic traps are rubbish. Use a bit of peanut butter as bait.

    Poison is a bad option IMO for the reasons stated above and also the risk of pets and other wildlife becoming poisoned.

    The live traps are fine if you dont want to kill them, but I’d take them along way away, like a car drive away.


    Another option is to get a sonic deterrent (mains or battery operated), as Euro said they do seem to work.

    Premier Icon Harry_the_Spider

    Had a few in the house a couple of years ago. Droppings everywhere and the place stank of mouse wee. Spent ages piss-balling about with humane traps but they weren’t interested. Poison bait and sticky boards didn’t seem to work either.

    Got a couple of old fashioned “head smasher” traps from B&Q.


    Job done.

    Premier Icon crazy-legs

    See I had the opposite to you HtS. Traps didn’t catch a thing, tried all sorts – the plastic pre-baited ones, the traditional wooden ones, moved them around several times, got nothing.

    Poison worked straight away.

    (This was about 6 weeks ago, they set up residence under the bottom stair in the house. It’s the time of year they start looking for somewhere warm so they’re more likely to come into houses/sheds).


    Can you borrow a cat so they get the message?

    I fannied about with traps and sonic devices for months- killed loads but they kept coming in.
    Little buggers ate my wetsuit. A cat was the only thing that did the trick.

    Maybe you could just cover everything in cat wee?


    Poisoned mine and sealed up where they were coming in with wirewool and expanding foam, -round the hole the plumber drilled for the boiler pipework

    Not liking the idea of poison, dead mice stinking the shed out from under the floorboards!

    This is a myth, mice are too small to create much of a stink. You really wouldn’t notice in a shed.

    Block up any holes you can see that could let them in, and put down spring traps and poison.

    Had great success recently with old style spring loaded traps baited with peanut butter.

    The wooden ones with the yellow plastic trigger that looks like a flat piece of Swiss cheese work best. One of mine is on 6 frags now.

    …i couldn’t kill them so i bought a couple of live traps from homebase

    Make sure you deposit them miles away, they are great at finding their way back home.

    They are also creatures of habit and generally die if taken out of their normal environment, due to having no cover and struggling for food…but don’t tell the wife.


    I’d go for a sonic deterrent as first line response, but if that doesn’t work kill them (traps, poison, whatever). The ‘humane’ traps are just to make people feel better and will either end up with a slow death for the mouse or his return in a matter of days.

    Was told the sonic things won’t evict them but may stop them coming in initially.
    Saying that I have a sonic thing in the garage and still see quite a few of them in there


    Can you borrow a cat so they get the message?

    Bad idea, you could well end up with cat aids………..

    Big Dave

    I’m actually studying for a pest control qualification at the moment. Ultrasonic devices aren’t really all that useful according to various studies that have been carried out and apparently cats aren’t all that great at killing rodents. A small terrier would be more effective (dogs view it as a game; cats do it when they can be bothered).

    Your best bet is to poison them (lots of little bait points all around the affected area) and then make sure that the shed is proofed against them getting in once you’ve killed them all (filling in gaps etc as mentioned above). The mice wouldn’t be in there unless it is attractive to them and there is food available so figure out what has attracted them and remove it or make it difficult to access.

    If it is only one or two mice break back traps may be sufficient to get rid of them if you aren’t keen on poison (the best poison baits to use at this time of the year aren’t available over the counter anyway so traps may be a better bet).

    FFS. Standards are slipping around here.


    Nuking may be a bit overkill, however…

    (Remove the bikes first)

    We regularly have mice in the house as our cats bring them in, we average 2 dead ones a night – we catch the live ones in live traps useing minicheddars stuck to the back with jam. I let them out 3-4 miles away so they cant come back.


    Me up at does
    Out of the floor
    Quietly stare
    A poisoned mouse
    Still who alive
    Is asking What
    Have I done that
    You wouldn’t have.


    you’ll never stop them getting in, particularly at this time of years when dark, wet cold outside and agree with above – little nipper wooden traps, only ones that are reliable and get’em, peanut butter or bits of choc chip biscuits as bait. Check morning and evening, you’ll soon know it if you forget, the stink of a rotting mouse is horrendous.
    If you want to know about dealing with squirrel, rat, hornet, wasp, moth etc invasions, just ask…..


    we used traps after some mice started taking the strawberries in our greenhouse. used the old fashioned traps baited with grapes (tried peanut butter/nutella but no luck) and had 10+ mice over a couple of weeks. ime there is always more than just one of the little buggers.

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