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  • Nezbo

    Hi all

    I am addictied to Miami Ink and i have been thinking of getting a tattoo, has any one got a cycling related one, or an idea for one?

    What you got that is cycling related?


    Please excuce my spelling and grammer.

    Premier Icon piedi di formaggio

    Get your todger tattooed as a pump


    Do not mention tattoo’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    They are a controversial subject on here………….. 😉


    I got my first recently and really like it though it isn’t bike related. I spent a long time making sure that i got it just how i wanted it as yo will have it for life.


    here’s mine, biking related and no doubt in line for abuse 😆

    Premier Icon Potdog

    Ignore all the tattoo haters on here. If you want one, go for it. Just be SURE that you want one first and be bloody sure about the design.

    I had THISdone a week or so ago. It’s my first tattoo and I’m really pleased with it. Although it does itch a bit at the moment 😕

    Premier Icon DezB

    I would’ve thought the design would come first?
    “I want that on my skin for the rest of my life” not “I want something permanent on my skin, what should I get?”


    isn’t having a ‘riding’ sign above your bum a bit ‘Ghey’ 😯


    I’ve just booked myself in for my 2nd tattoo later this year – off down to Nine in Brighton to get tattooed by one of their guest artists. There’s some really good work on the site galleries…

    Can’t wait.

    Premier Icon Sandwich

    No it’s no bike parking 🙂


    isn’t having a ‘riding’ sign above your bum a bit ‘Ghey’

    hehe, yeah there is obviously the possibility for that interpretation but never mind 😆

    rusty trowel

    Discuss it with your chosen artist if you have one. If he/she is unwilling to design something for/with you seriously consider if he/she is the right person for you. If he is only willing to do whats on the wall or in a book, how good an artist do you think he is. If you do take a design along i would expect the artist to take it away, probably improve on it and at least alter it so that it fits/suits the shape of your body. Like all good artists, a good tattooist will want to create something, not copy any old thing.

    Don’t be afraid to travel either, an extra £50 petrol money is worth it if theres no one local that you’re happy with.

    Blimey, just re-read that and it sounds a bit preachy, sorry, just hate seeing people with average work when they could have something great.


    a mate recently got his adopted parents names on his chest and the date they adopted him.

    quite poignant i thought.

    looking to get one this year or next. been thinking about it for a while (5 years or so). very bike related although the GF says it’ll look like i haven’t washed. have had a look at other bike realted tatoos and haven’t seen anything similar.

    will post up when (if) i get it done.

    Premier Icon momo

    If you want a tattoo, then go for it, just make sure you are 100% happy with the design before the needle hits the skin.

    It’s been 2 years now sinc I had my last one done, since then I’ve been working on ideas and designs for my next one(s), taken me a while, but deffinately worth waiting, as its gonna be there for the rest of your life!

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