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  • Met Veleno or Giro Athlon?
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    well, helmets have all sorts of fitting quirks, so always best to try before you plunge!

    IME MET and Giro helmets have very different internal shapes. But you also need to consider where straps come out, where pads are and what shape they are etc.. which can make a huge difference to comfort on a ride.

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    Been very impressed with my Giro Athlon – so comfortable that I forget I’m wearing it

    But, after 18 months the retension system has broken. Replacement only costs £10, but no one in the UK seems to have stock and I’ve been told it will be Decemeber before the importers can get any more. Utterly ridicolous for a simple bit of plastic that is on a number of their helmets. Tried to email Madison but not got a reply.

    So I’m debating whether to simply buy a new one, £70 from CRC, or boycott the company for their terrible after sales service.


    I’m trying to decide between these two.
    Currently have a Met which I get on with quite well.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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