Merlin wheel offer, decent for every level?

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  • Merlin wheel offer, decent for every level?
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    Wheel Deal

    I’m looking for a set of ‘entry level’ wheels to replace the Decathlon own brand wheels from my HT that have been transferred to my FS build. Is the above deal any good? Price seems excellent but it’s there any thing I’m missing? Will they see me through the end of summer at least?

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    Looks fine to me given you’re after a budget set, they’re a fairly narrow XC rim though so might depend a bit on where you’re riding as to whether they’re suitable.

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    XC is where it’s at for me. I live in Manchester so the riding is Hebden, Dark Peak, Gisburn mainly.

    Funds are tight until April, but the price here seems too good to miss. Is spending more (say £150 off the top of my head) going to get me a lot better options? Or would I just be paying for the same level of kit with a more trendy name on?

    Sorry for all the questions, first time buying wheels.


    Bought a set 2 weeks ago as on a mega tight budget with this job …. very very impressed …. not so sure about built to order though , as i ordered at 10pm and then got an email the next day at 9.28 am to sat they had been dispatched !!
    Great service and nice and tight wheels …. go for it 🙂


    65 quid???? For that kind of money as long as they’re round you can’t really lose.

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    I ran some for a few years before getting the tubeless bug and sold them to a mate. Still going strong after nine years. Not the lightest but very reliable.

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